Red Light Runner question...


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Jan 13, 2002
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"Become a RedLightRunner affiliate and you can earn cash or store credit! We're currently offering a 15% commission to our affiliates. Signing up is easy, just email us at, and we'll get you set up! Be sure to include your name, address, website (if you have one), and whether you'd prefer store credit or cash!

Once you're approved, we'll send you a link to our Banner Code Generation page, which makes linking to RedLightRunner super easy!"

---Red Light Runner site

Ahh possibly a stupid question......but what exactly do you have to do if you want to become an affiliate?

I would appreciate if anyone can answer this question so I can get my answer and this post could soon fade away.



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Jan 4, 2002
Austin, TX
Uhm, Duh?

You put their ad banner on your web page and any sales that come from someone clicking through gives you a kickback.

Pretty standard stuff. That seems to be an alternate to real banner ads that work on a cost-per-thousand views model.

The other is the "panhandling" web site that respectfully requests donations in some small denomination (preferable some rounded amount like $10-25 a pop).

Why not just stand by the freeway with a "Will dot com for food" cardboard sign? Apparently those people make enough money to supply themselves in booze/drugs for days at a time (yeah you think they really want to "help" themselves or want to actually WORK :eek: ?)