reformatted macbook & now it wont connect to iMac airport if it has a password?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by thousandforms, May 9, 2011.

  1. thousandforms macrumors newbie

    May 9, 2011
    pretty much covers it.. ive looked everywhere for an answer but it seems quite a bizarre one?

    the macbook was connected via internet sharing on the imac ( via airport ) before i reformatted it today, and since then it just gives the notice 'connection timeout' whenever i try to connect when it has a password.

    if i remove the password it will connect, if i change the password it wont, ive tried restarting both computers repeatedly, resetting various things. etc

    my iphone can still connect to the imac ( with and without password), and the macbook can connect to other open networks so it cant be a hardware problem...

    ive looked into posts that say change the channel but a, i dont think thats appropriate because it can connect if it hasnt got a password atleast...?!?! and b, well i couldnt find out how to do if your sharing it internaly ( ie internet sharing not base station) but note there are about 10-15 other networks in range..

    both are running the latest versions of airport aswell both snow leopard. imac is a 27' i5 quad core macbook is a first release unibody 2.4ghz..

    id love to get this sorted because i usually use teleport over the two of them and i cant unless theyre connected! noooooo ( and i only have one access point/ no hub so i cant just run them both wired or anything... )

    never had a problem with it connecting before now!!

    anyone have any ideas?!! any help much appreciated.

    thanks. tom
  2. thousandforms thread starter macrumors newbie

    May 9, 2011
    okay i fixed it..

    after relentless trying.. a combination of:

    changing the local computer's name ( the imac),
    changing the wireless networks name ( via the imac's airport)
    changing to channel 11
    going to a 128bit encription
    changing the password again
    turning the wireless off and on again

    (all in one go)

    lead to the macbook connecting instantly

    ( i had tried various combinations of the above before... but not all of them in one go )

    so i thought id put this up here for anyone else to find if they have the same problem, as this is where i come if i ever have a problem and this is the first time ive had to post in the 5 years i've owned macs.

    <3 x

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