reformatting hard drive?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by excalibur313, Jul 17, 2003.

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    I have panther and want to go back to jaguar. I saved all of my documents (except i can't figure out how to export mail and addresses anyone know?) so whats the next step? I bought the computer a few months ago so i don't know how to format and i'm not sure if i need to obtain a copy of jaguar off the internet or if i can use a disc which came with my computer in the first place...any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    I just did the same thing you are about to do and all i did was just put the OS X disk and did a fresh install and then reinstalled all the updated and what not through software updater. Hope this helps.

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    What CDs did the compuer come with? Have you get OS X install CDs? Software restore CDs? My iBook's got 2 Jaguar CDs and 3 Restore CDs - reinstalling everything involves booting off Jaguar 1, following it through, then once it's all installed I need to insert Restore 1 and work my way through that too (to install OS 9, AppleWorks, etc).
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    Re: reformatting hard drive?



    Copy the following folders/files...

    1. Users:yourusername:Library:Mail - this contains your Mailboxes.
    2. Users:yourusername:Library:Application Support:Address Book - this contains ur address book

    3-4 are ur Address Book prefrences and your Mail preferences (including accts)

    Copy those to a safe place and once you have finished ur install, put them in to their respective folders (make sure to PUT THEM in before you start the apps and DO NOT put them into a folder and copy the whole folder, in MacOS when you copy a folder to a folder, at the folder level, unlike Windows it does not combine the folder it replaces it so if you had a folder called Preferences and you copied it to ur library where a folder called Preferences is you would REPLACE that Preferences and all it's contents with the newer Preferences folder.)

    Ok now that you have that...

    To reinstall Jag is easy. Use the Jag CDs you have from either purchase of ur system, or the ones you bought.

    Put the first CD in and restart your Mac, hold down the "C" key when your Mac begins to boot (the earlier the better) and keep holding it down until you see that the machine is booting into the installer.

    Follow the prompts on the installer, when you get to the screen where you need to choose the Disk to install to, click the OPTIONS BUTTON and chose Erase and Install option. You MUST DO THIS because Panther uses MacOS Exteneded (Journaled) and Jag uses just MacOS Extended.

    Next sit back and wait it shouldn't take too long. You will be prompted to insert disc 2 to install the additional apps (iPhoto, iMovie etc).

    Once it's all done your Mac will reboot and play the little Welcome screen video and ask you to make some region settings and register. You don not need to complete the registration screen since you most likely have already done so. At the registration screen hit Cmd + Q (the apple key and the letter Q) and when prompted select Skip.

    Next you will be guided thru making your user and then logged in to OS X. Run software update as many times as iit asks you to to get ur system up to date (hope you have highspeed for that cause there's lots to do).

    Once you have run all the software updates, I recommend opening DISK UTILITY (in the Applications:Utilities folder) and clicking on the First Aid Tab.

    Select your HD Parition and do a REPAIR PERMISSIONS. This will make sure everything is good and then reboot.

    Next copy ur data back into ur home folder. And reinstall your other apps.

    If you have Software Restore Discs run them BEFORE the Repair Permission step.

    Good Luck.


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