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    Mar 21, 2002
    I purchased my first quality video camera about 3 to 4 years ago. I had an enormous amount of video on tape, sitting in a closet, never to be viewed again!

    Then I saw Jeff Goldbloom talking about this brightly colored gumdroped shape machine, called an iMac DV, and saying how you could use a product called iMovie to make digital movies come alive....I was in love..

    I bought my first iMac for Christmas in 1999. During 2000, I learned how awesome these computers were...and ever year Apple has given me tons of new stuff to keep me coming back to home went from a 5 PC home & 1 Mac home to a 5 Mac, 1 PC home.

    iMovie allowed me to take the dusty tapes out of the closet, and turn them into exciting & thrilling movies.

    Airport allowed me to escape from the computer room and enjoy the Internet in every room in the house (and even outside on my deck).. iPhoto rescued over 5,000 photographs taken over the years with a variety of digital cameras...with iPhoto, I was able to find pictures that I had forgotten were taken...and even mail out prints to family & friends! Thanks Apple.

    iTunes got me into music again. Most of my adult life, I didn't listen to music in the car (or out and about) because...well...I hating not having a large selection of music with me at all time, iTunes and iPod helped me sort, and now even rate, what I like & listened too.

    I'm sure Apple has more great things in the hopper that will make me 'ew and ah' with glee!!

    Christopher Powers

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