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Feb 4, 2013
Planning on getting an iMac and building a gaming computer. Was thinking I could save some money by using the iMac as an external monitor. It's got a great picture no doubt but what would be the response time and refresh rate if I were using it as such for a PC? Also, what ports would I use to connect it? HDMI? USB 3.0? Thunderbolt? (Yes, I found a PC motherboard with Thunderbolt).


Nov 20, 2010
so far there have been no reports of anyone successfully using the iMac in target display mode with input as anything other than another Mac with thunderbolt.

That is an Mac with thunderbolt running OSX. (Bootcamp won't work.)
This should be fixed, as the Thunderbolt Display from Apple can be connected to a PC/Windows.


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Jan 28, 2014
This isn't completely true

I have a late 2009 27'' i7 iMac I am using as an external display for my newly built gaming PC with a GTX 760. The connection is DisplayPort (from GTX760) to miniDisplayPort into my iMac. It works like a charm!

The miniDisplayPort socket is the same as the thunderbolt socket. As I understand it, you can use a Thunderbolt input from a DisplayPort output, but not the other way around.
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