Refreshing of Apple 30" monitor when?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Mediaformae, Nov 28, 2009.

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    Nov 28, 2009
    Braga, Portugal

    I wouldn't worry much about Apple's monitor offer, until a few months ago.

    Recently Apple unleashed an iMac with 27" LED monitor with terrific workspace specialy if your into editing in 2K resolution. Apple 24" will not be enough anymore.

    However, I search and Apple doesn't update it's existing 30" monitor and I wonder why for the following reasons:

    1. Apple's 30" display has good specs, but it's not LED. This is more important than many people might think. LED means almost imediate response, greater colour reproduction and clour temperature calibration, better view off axis (the picture fades and looses colour accuracy much slower). This is vital for people like me who work on film editing.
    2. Does the 30" match the other apple LED diaplays (in particularly the 27" LED of the new iMac)?
    3. We are always moving up in resolution. I'm already receiving orders for 2K editing. So why the apparend appathy of updating the 30" display?
    4. Will the 30" display be in fact updated? When? Soon? Long-term? For me Apple has always been a reference in innovation and quality. Why the long waiting? The market is emerging out there.
    5. The myth of the price. The myth of expensive Apple products has been dramaticaly reduced over the years. But looking at the displays' price I rethink. You can buy an extremely good display from Dell, at a more cost effective price. I Can't afford to by Sony's grade 1 monitors or else, I wouldn't hesitate. But those monitors are from a totaly different league. So, is the myth stiil just a myth, or there's some true behind it? I mean, if the displays are that expensive than what kind of displays come with iMac? Are they similar and as good as the separate displays? What's the catch?
    6. Finnaly, most of you are maybe thinking why don't I send this to Apple directly? Honestly Idon't know how to do it, nor if I would get a response or when. Besides, my idea was to launch these matters into discussion. Unless I'm the only freak lunatic around here.

    I don't konw if anyone has any information regarding all this.
    But opinions and commentaries are all welcome of course.

    I love Apple products, unless I find something better somowhere else.

    Best Regards!
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    Dec 22, 2008
    I don't think you understand the concept of LED backlit displays. The LED backlight improves even lighting and faster turn-on times and prevents backlight fading through the lifetime of the product. It doesn't, however, improve color response time or view angles. While I agree that LED backlit displays do have better display quality. The LED backlighting doesn't do the all that magic you're thinking.

    Now addressing your question: there's no official announcement yet. It's likely that they'll update soon, IMO, because the current 30" display is more expensive than an equivalent iMac - which brings nearly the same resolution at almost the same screen size.

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