Refugee Crisis is New Normal, as per Dr. Evil George Soros’ leaked memo.

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    Here’s some densely packed narratives as presented by the linked article.


    "Leaked Soros Memo: Refugee Crisis ‘New Normal,’ Gives ‘New Opportunities’ For Global Influence."

    “A leaked memo from left-wing financier George Soros’s Open Society Foundations argues that Europe’s refugee crisis should be accepted as a “new normal,” and that the refugee crisis means “new opportunities” for Soros’ organization to influence immigration policies on a global scale.”

    “OSF program officer Anna Crowley and program specialist Katin Rosin co-authored the May 12 memo, titled “Migration Governance and Enforcement Portfolio Review.” The memo focuses on an OSF program called the International Migration Initiative, which aims to influence immigration policy.”

    “The nine-page review makes three key points: OSF — which doles out millions to left-wing causes — has been successful at influencing global immigration policy; Europe’s refugee crisis presents “new opportunities” for the organization to influence global immigration policy; and the refugee crisis is the “new normal.””

    “In a section titled, “Our Ambitions,” the authors explain: “Our premise for engaging in work related to governance was that, in addition to mitigating the negative effects of enforcement, we should also be supporting actors in the field proactively seeking to change the policies, rules, and regulations that govern migration.””

    ““We also believed that advances at the regional or international levels could create impetus for policy change or implementation of existing norms at the national level. We deliberately avoided the term ‘global governance’ because there is no single system at the global level for managing migration.””

    Europe’s refugee crisis presents “new opportunities” for OSF

    The memo explains how Europe’s refugee crisis is opening doors for Soros’ organization to further influence global immigration policy.

    The authors note that “the current refugee crisis is creating space to reconsider the governance of migration and the international refugee regime.”

    One reason for this is that the developing countries that make up the Group of 77 at the United Nations were motivated by the refugee crisis to keep immigration issues on the “global agenda,” the memo states.

    “The refugee crisis and the fear that the interests of migrants fleeing poverty, climate change, generalized violence, or natural disaster would be overlooked at these fora have generated a push from G77 countries to ensure other migration issues remain on the global agenda.”

    They later explain that the current crisis provides “new opportunities” for influencing immigration policy on a global scale.

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    Frankly, I can't see a problem with the piece you've posted. Refugee flows and international migration are issues which should be addressed at a global level. In a shrinking world, geographical separation is not a sufficient reason for ignoring what is happening elsewhere. Leaving it up to the countries bordering on the chaos zone to absorb millions of refugees on their own is a recipe for widening instability, which will affect us all.
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    George Soros is legitimately the scariest person alive.
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    I would seriously like to know whether the OP has any constructive views on the subject, as all the first post seems to consist of is an opportunity to attack George Soros for some unspecified ideological incorrectness. above. You guys really love your bogeymen, don't you? I hope you have a silver bullet in your armoury. And a wooden stake and some garlic.
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    He had no problem selling out his fellow Jews.
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    What isn't a "new normal" anymore, which also seems to be a phrase either Huxley, Orwell, or even a drug-addled Rand (Ayn) would reach orgasm over?
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    The last I'd checked, the Earth's diameter is still the same distance. Technology has opened barriers (and devalued everything it's touched as an unintended side effect), but from where we sit little has shrank. We're not talking with Russians or Chinese... Or Indians, but when people do they get pissed off over the delays, cultural differences, attitudes, not having problems fixed, and so on and have done so for well over a decade now. So the world may be getting smaller but the chasms seemed to have widened.

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