Refunded Purchases appear in new "Purchased" section of Appstore

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by RaNdOm, Jun 7, 2011.

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    So a long time ago I purchased the Navigon navigation app from the Appstore. I have reformated my phone several times and at times I just redownloaded the app instead of installing it from my computer. Occasionally I would download the wrong one, or my partner would download the wrong one. We would always contact Apple after this happened and before the download finished to say that we can mistakenly downloaded the wrong app. They would refund us our money and the app was never installed. It turns out that all of the mistaken and refunded purchases are available under the new "Purchased" section of the iTunes store on iTunes and the Appstore on my iPhone. Is anyone else seeing this happen to them? I haven't tried downloading one of them yet because if they do end up charging me I don't feel like spending the $50-60 bucks they cost, if I get charged.
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    When you are refunded for an app or in-app purchase, all Apple does is refund you the money. I have done the same for NAVIGON's infamous 3D panoramic view add-on (slows down already slow app dramatically, while draining battery) and "restore purchase" option reactivates the in-app purchase.

    Yes, if it shows up as purchased with "download" text, you can download it again without incurring any charge. But before anyone tries to abuse this policy, keep in mind that Apple looks at your refund history. They are extremely reluctant to refunding you twice.

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