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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Dwalls90, Aug 10, 2012.

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    People need to sit down and look at the potential and likely specs of the leaked phone and realize that if this battery, which is only slightly larger than it's predecessor, is in fact the battery of the new iPhone, there is no immediate cause for concern.

    CPU/GPU: It will not be using an A5X, which is the power-hog that is in the iPad 3. If the iPad 3 needed a bigger battery and more space, there is NO way they will toss even an underclocked variant into the iPhone 6. The A5X is nearly too large to even fit into the iPhone. I'm almost shocked we didn't see the A6 on the iPad 3, and I have a feeling that the A5X was the backup plan or bridge to the A6. In fact, with rumors of a revamped iPad for the Fall, we may even see an A6 that is clocked to the speeds to the A5X, for efficiency purposes (to close the gap to what the iPad 3 should have been).

    Why is the A6 such a big deal for battery life? More cores, draws less power, and is smaller. Right off the bat, we have the CPU that will draw less power.

    RAM: More RAM doesn't mean worse battery life. Increases in RAM marginally, if at all, effect battery life. This is not a factor.

    LTE: The REASON why the iPhone 4S didn't see an LTE chip was because LTE chips have been extremely inefficient with power ... until recent months. We saw a data only chip in the iPad 3, because that was one of the first of it's kind that was efficient, however voice+data chips weren't ready yet. Anyone want to guess when these low-power efficient LTE chips are going to be hitting the markets? This fall. LTE isn't necessarily a power hog, the initial chip sets were.

    With efficient LTE chips, they should have little to no impact on battery life compared to the current cellular chips.

    Screen: Yes, we will be seeing a bigger screen. But does this matter for battery life? Not necessarily! It seems confirmed that we will see IGZO screen technology in the new iOS devices come this fall. These screens are much more efficient and higher quality overall.

    Once again, even if we see the screen grow, it should have little to no impact on battery life due to IGZO.

    So why exactly are people fretting over battery life? YES, the iPhone 4S was a bit worse than the iPhone 4. But the iPhone 4S more or less used the same technology and components (screen, cellular radios plus HSPDA+, ect.), but with a hotter and more powerful CPU. Naturally it would be worse with battery life. The new iPhone will have new technology and be more powerful, but it should also be more efficient.

    Debate and discuss.
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    I think there is a possibility they will update the iPhone 4S with the new smaller dock connector, which would allow them to use this slightly better battery in the new 8 GB model.

    iPhone 6 :)

    If this is the new iPhone's battery, I hope you are correct.
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    Jun 12, 2012
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    I'm not bothered about battery life on the 4S, and I cannot imagine I would be too bothered about it on the iPhone 5 (aka the 'iPhone ka-ching'). I can plug my mobile in during work, I can (and do) use a battery case, I can charge overnight. I don't like the leaked design display, I don't like a headphone jack on the bottom of the phone, and I suppose I would prefer a phone about the same thickness as the 4S if it meant a longer battery life. However, I'll wait and see what Apple comes up with. <Awaits plonkers' comments about being a fanboy, blind loyalty etc.>
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    I only see one, asking about how many hours of battery life on the new iPhone will be. That I don't know, and wanted to break down the tech specs into a separate discussion. I'm sure the mods will merge the threads if they feel they are direct copies of one another, thanks for your concern.

    I agree. How many people are in a place where they can't charge their iPhone for more than 8-10 hours at a time? At night you can fully charge it, and then even during the day there are plenty of solutions (cars with built in chargers, work with USB ports or even wall mounts if necessary). While battery life is definitely important, I think it's fair to say the 4S is more than acceptable. So I think the new iPhone will meet or exceed this expectation, therefore leaving no room for complaints.

    I'm not sure if upgrading the connector will allow for a bigger battery, but maybe they will shuffle the internals to allow for more efficiency!

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