Apps [Release] Countdown to an event. See the time remaining on your watch face. Free


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Jun 2, 2014

Doesn't only countdown to some event, you can also input a date/time in the past and you can see how much time has elapsed since the date/time.

Free download on the App Store

If you work an hourly wage, you can track the amount you've made so far that day as a complication, and use time travel to see how much more you have to work to earn a certain amount.

Hourly Wages [Free]
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Smurphy Gherkin

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Apr 13, 2015
Melbourne, Australia
Hey this is pretty nice - simple, and just what I want leading up to a deadline.

Any way to change the text saying EVENT? Or maybe use that line to give 2 rows.


Haha, make a great freebie and people want upgrades.

EDIT - nvm on customise line, I found it once I put my glasses on.
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