Removing Photo of My Ex from OS X

Discussion in 'macOS' started by abgerard, May 7, 2008.

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    May 7, 2008
    I looked and looked for the appropriate forum, and this one seemed the best. I apologize if the question seems somewhat irrelevant. I don't think it is, obviously.

    Before she was my ex, my wife and I traded computers. She took my mini and I took the G5. Unfortunately, because the G5 was originally hers, her name is assigned to the top administrator. Worse, the setup procedure included taking her photo, which is also associated with the administrator node. Consequently, her name comes up all the time; the computer is called K____'s iMac and the top level user bears her name, as well. When we traded I was told by Apple tech support that it's impossible to change these original assignments. Is that true?
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    No, all of those things can be changed. The problem is that there are several different things that have to be changed in different places. The easiest way to do it would therefore be to backup all the files and documents in your account and then reformat the computer using the system restore DVD that came with it.... when you do that, during installation, you'll be able to set all these things to your liking.
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    Not exactly, you cannot change the name of the existing account. However, what you can do is create a new user account for yourself and give it admin privileges. Then log into the new account created for yourself and delete your ex's account. Keep in mind anything in your ex's account folder (/Users/[her short name]) will be deleted, this includes the documents folder, iTunes and iPhoto libraries among other things, so make sure you copy out anything you want to keep before deleting the account.

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