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    Jun 17, 2015
    What methods exist to repair corrupt Outlook 2003 .PST & .OST files besides using the scanpst and scanost utilities?

    An Outlook 2003 user frequently gets messages when he launches Outlook 2003 that the data file is corrupt.

    There is then a delay of 30 seconds to several minutes while Outlook checks the data file for errors.

    I have used both the scanpst.exe and the scanost.exe utilities to scan and fix the user's two Outlook data files.

    I have also moves his .ost file to an alternate location and have then allowed the .OST file to recreate itself.

    However, after several days the user continues to start getting these error messages again and using the scanpst and scanost utilities don't fix the problem.

    I've heard that there are other methods available such as the Inbox repair tool. However, I don't know how to access or use these other repair methods.

    So what other methods exist that I can use to repair the user's corrupted Outlook .OST file and Outlook .PST file?
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    Sep 21, 2010
    Wiping the .OST and letting it rebuild itself should fix the corruption 100% because it is a whole new file generated from the server data. So I see two possibilities:

    1) He's got drive problems that are introducing the corruption to the .OST file. I'd run Disk Utility or CHKDSK to check/repair the drive formatting itself.

    2) There is something in his mailbox/calendar/etc (but almost certainly mail) that is introducing the corruption to the .OST file. Generating a new .OST doesn't help, because when the next time the bad data is synced to the .OST file, it just gets recorrupted. In this case I can only suggest cleaning out the mail with a special look out for attachments.

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