Repairing water damaged Macbook Air 11.6" Late 2010


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Dec 4, 2012
Hello, I'm working on a water damaged MBA 11.6" Late 2010 and need to replace the keyboard.
Does anyone know if the keyboards from 2011 and 2012 models fit as well? The keyboard backlight connector would stay unused but is the keyboard the same?



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May 3, 2009
Check out iFixit's tear downs and see if there's any differences. Tbh, not too many people dissemble there laptops or compare the layouts of them so you may not get the answer unless you try it yourself.


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Jan 12, 2013
No not really as the top media and function keys are NOT the same or in the same order. Such as the eject key, won't find one on the newer models. If you use one of those keyboards, then you will also need to change the touchpad as the USB keyboard controller is attached to the back of the touchpad.
The keyboard would work, yet the those media & functions keys not match unless it had the right touchpad.
My advice is get the proper keyboard OR upper case.
By the way, have you disconnected and reattached the ribbon cable from the keyboard to the touchpad and also the ribbon cable from the touchpad to the logicboard? sometimes all it needs is a cleaning.
It may not be a bad keyboard as well, maybe the touchpad, I'd look at that first prior to ordering in a keyboard. There is a separate controller chip for the touchpad on the back of it, they don't share one with the keyboard
Good luck
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Jun 22, 2009
Liquid damage to MacBooks almost always take out the keyboard. And the power button is part of the keyboard, so when the keyboard shorts out, there goes your ability to turn on the laptop.

Like others described, most likely have to replace keyboard with like one, or replace top case.