Replacement: refurb or new?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ijen0311, Jun 3, 2012.

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    I took my 4S back a few weeks ago and got a swapped replacement. According to the serial number, it's a "new" and not refurb model. Just sharing for no particular reason. I would have bet money it was a refurb by this point.

    Serial number: DNQ...
    Name: iPhone 4S
    ModelCode: iphone_4S
    Model Number: MC920
    Group1: iPhone
    Generation: 6
    Machine Model: iPhone4,1
    Model introduced: 2011
    Production year: 2011
    Production week: 53 (January)
    CPU speed: 800MHz
    Family name: Become a pro user to see this information. (sorry)
    Screen size: 3.5 inch
    Screen resolution: 960x640 pixels
    Colour: White
    Capacity: 16GB
    Factory: DN (China, Chengdu - Foxconn)

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