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Feb 3, 2011
Just bought an M1 13" Macbook that will replace my 27" 2k iMac (native resolution 2560x1440). The UI text is slightly too small when I set the iMac at the native resolution of 2560x1440 but when I set it at 2048x1152 the text size is perfect for me.

I want to get a larger monitor but I want to keep the text size the same as I am using now. What size monitor should I get to do this without scaling?


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Dec 13, 2007
Did you get your monitor? I would think a 27" 4K display would work for you. If you can set it to pixel doubling mode, it should display at 1920 x 1080 (close to 2048 x 1152), but everything should be twice as clear as if you had bought a 1080p monitor.


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Sep 3, 2008
Southwest Florida, USA
I think a 24" or 27" monitor running it at @2x (looks like 1920x1080) would be just fine. I have a 24" 4K running at that resolution and everything is slightly larger then compared to my iMac 27" 5K.
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