Replacing superdive with ssd - got the caddy - but wrong caddy to motherboard link


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Apr 21, 2014
A cry for help! :)
I decided I wanted to upgrade my aged 2008 mbp by replacing my superdrive with an ssd. I ordered this caddy & usb enclosure from amazon, along with a SSD samsung hard drive.

All looked good on arrival, but after dismateling mbp and attempting to install the caddy - I found the small gadget that connect motherboard to caddy had the wrong port ( picture included)

This is the main reason for my post - I'd love to buy something with the rightly shaped port but I'm at a loss for what to call it!

Another hiccup was my father accidently destroying the superdive ( I mentioned I'd like the dvd out of it - so he enthusiatically pryed it open before I had a chance to calm him down ( beer involved! ))

so I'm looking to buy one of these motherboard to caddy pieces in the picture above , plus a replacement superdrive ( got the enclosure already )

much appreciated if anyone can point me in the right direction!


my macbook -

Model Name: MacBook Pro
Model Identifier: MacBookPro4,1
Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed: 2.5 GHz
Number of Processors: 1
Total Number of Cores: 2
L2 Cache: 6 MB
Memory: 4 GB
Bus Speed: 800 MHz
Boot ROM Version: MBP41.00C1.B03
SMC Version (system): 1.27f3
Serial Number (system): W88330CFYJY
Hardware UUID: 91449DDD-AF2D-5855-91DC-D2A808FCE463
Sudden Motion Sensor:
State: Enabled


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Jan 24, 2010
The optical drive bay caddy that you need has a PATA/ATAPI port, not a SATA port. They do make optical drive bay caddies that take a SATA drive and use an internal adapter to change it to PATA. You may not want to put a SSD in the optical drive bay. It will be much slower than putting it in the hard drive bay.


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Apr 21, 2014

Thanks for the advice guys. Will take heed and attempt to get my new ssd in the hard drive bay and put the old one in caddy if possible.

ordered the new caddy yesterday ( sata- pata/ide )

Any idea on a good tip for a replacement superdrive that will fit into the enlcosure? just hoping to find something fairly cheap - will be rarely used ( might need it this week to burn a mavericks disc for fresh instalation on ssd )
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