Report: Rumsfeld ignored Pentagon

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by pseudobrit, Mar 29, 2003.

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    Jul 23, 2002
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    The UN said that invading Iraq would be a bad idea.

    The FBI said invading Iraq was a bad idea.

    The Pentagon said invading Iraq would be a bad idea.

    Colin Powell said invading Iraq would be a bad idea.

    Even the CIA said invading Iraq would be a bad idea, and they'll invade anything.

    Now the report comes out that Rumsfeld ignored Pentagon warnings while planning the attack, and continues to do so today.

    Now, where have we seen a war before where the US lost because the resistance was completely unaccounted for and the military and generals were tactically and strategically interfered with every step of the way by ignorant, idealogue, egotistical politicians?

    Where did 60,000 American boys go to die because some pig-headed pol let his ego run amok and ignored the real brains in the military?
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    Jul 18, 2002
    dude, calm down. i've been to turkey. the people there are wonderful, giving, friendly. one of the best trips i've ever taken. and at least when i was there, they loved americans.

    how can you blame turkey -- a muslim country -- for getting a little miffed that several of the US' super-accurate cruise missiles missed baghdad and landed in their country?

    this was after, of course, bush & co. dicatated to them the terms of their involvement of the war. perhaps turkey should dictate to the US gov't what it should do, then let's see how we all feel.
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    May 19, 2002
    The holidays wouldn't be the same without Turkeys...

    Though I wouldn't want to be a Turkey, and the guest of honor, at a dinner party.


    And you can't blame other countries if the US is the one with the problems.
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    Jul 18, 2002
    check out this article in the guardian.

    seems the pre-war war games were fixed so the US would win.

    edit: fix grammar
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    Jul 4, 2001
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    wow that was a bad play on words.

    I've read this document before you posted it, I think everyone knew that just invading wouldn't be enough. People all knew this, we just needed to free the damn people from saddam.

    Saddam is bad, but we needed to invade so baddly we really didn't care that people said it was bad or it wasn't going to we effective. Look at the bombing campaign.

    The first 2 night we should have hit every palace, information dept, military HQ, anything saddam, within 50 miles of baghdad. Why didn't we do this? It wasn't effective. We didn't have a direct plan of attack?

    This was sloppy, why the hell our the supply lines being taken over just to be taken back by new marines? Why when the military says iraqs republican guard are here and the point for a good 50-100 miles around iraq?

    Of Coarse these reports were ignored, we are gung-ho war!
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    Les Kern

    Apr 26, 2002
    How can anyone be surprised? I'm sure not. And congrats on reading the Gaurdian... US news is like a frickin' game show, run by egotistical idiots. But back to Rumsfeld and the lot: The neo-conservatives are dangerous, dangerous people. They bring to mind Leopold and Loeb, the notorious University of Chicago students in the 1920's. These products of wealth and privilege thought they were so brilliant that they were morally superior to others. To prove their brilliance they decided to commit an unsolvable murder. Their genius and moral superiority did not prevent them from bungling the murder and spending their lifes in prison. And it isn't just Rumsfeld, oh no.
    A few members of the media are starting to ask questions that should have been asked long ago and the administration is getting testy. Names are starting to be named of the handful of draft avoiding neo-conservatives who have created this mess, "chicken hawks" as Gary Trudeau so aptly calls them. Georgie Ann Geyer's article about Wolfowitz, Perle, Kristol, is in the Chicago Tribune at:,1,160846.story

    Perle resigned as chairman of an advisory board to the Defense Dept. yesterday because it turns out he has a financial conflict of interest - he
    retained his seat on the board however. It was also noted in the media yesterday that Cheney's company, Haliburton, is profiting from cleaning up the damaged oil wells in Iraq. Perle and Cheney were able to avoid draft during Vietnam and they are able to profit from the heartache of innocents in Iraq. Isn'tneo-conservative patriotism peculiar? If one still has doubts about the mindset of the handful of influential
    neo-conservatives whose fingerprints are all over the debacle that is the Bush precedency, read the following article by Robert Novak.
    Robert Novak, as most of you know, is an influential journalist who passionately believes
    in conservatism and the Republican party. The neo-conservatives have labeled him and other of traditional stalwarts of conservatism, paleo-conservatives (aren't they clever?). But that isn't enough for these arrogant, pseudo-intellectuals. A leading neo-conservative magazines article by David Frum has accused Novak and other "paleo-conservatives" of hating their party, their president, and America. Their sin? The "paleo-conservatives" have been mildly critical of Bush's Iraq initiative. I am light headed at the thought that I feel sympathy for a right wing bulldog like Novak but this shows how insane the neo conservatives are - and they have Bush's ear each and every day. You are either with them or you are a feeble minded traitor. Novak, a military veteran, seems hurt to the quick, as anyone would, of being accused of being a traitor.
    Oh, and have a nice day.
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    I hope you did that on purpose.
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    Re: Report: Rumsfeld ignored Pentagon

    The PPP killing fields, post-2016?

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