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    Imgur link with today’s updates:

    I got this Apple Watch for a very low price when my Sport S1 broke last week. The eBay ad advertised the band as extremely worn but the watch in "good condition"

    Well, the band was trashed and the watch ended up being quite worn.

    Four of the pics show how it looked prior to polishing. Take note both corners on the side of the watch where the buttons are were dinged up. I sanded the dings out, sanded a few deeper scratches out, and then spent about an hour hand polishing the watch with Autosol.

    I began losing sunlight during the process but it's pretty clear which pic is halfway completed and then the two final finished pics. I ended up being able to partially save the Single Tour band with some Fiebings leather dye. I'm so happy with the outcome!

    The S0 is fine as a watch that happens to show notifications and can track a workout. At least, as good as my S1 is at those things. So far I haven't noticed any performance differences between the two. Maybe I'll get a stainless S5 once that generation comes out...

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    I’d probably be more concerned about the battery longevity/health more than I would the condition of the watch at this point. I’m curious to know what the battery test would come back from Apple.
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    The battery seems good so far! Yesterday I took it off the charger at 8:30 am, did a workout 8:30pm-10pm, and took the watch off at 10:30pm at 15%. Before the workout, it was at 35% or so but workout kill my older watches in a hurry.

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