Researchers delve into the mysteries of how cancer attacks the body

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    Oct 20, 2002
    Scientists have uncovered much about cancerous tumors but they know little about the menace coursing through Susan De Vries's body.

    Doctors could treat the cancer in her breast. But it metastasized, spreading across her chest. Modern medicine can handle most isolated tumors. But metastasis -- until recently -- was nearly impossible to treat, or even understand.

    After her cancer metastasized, De Vries's prognosis went from talking about being "cured" to purchasing a video camera to record advice for her three children that she probably won't be able to give in person.

    "I'm going to talk about having periods, about sex. I'm trying to be there even though I'm not going to be there," said De Vries, 39. "I want them to remember me as healthy and happy and with my hair -- youngish."

    She has the camera. But she cannot, just yet, bring herself to start taping.
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    Sep 13, 2003
    Its not so much where you are as when you are.
    One of the regulars in chemo who was on a regimen that was easy enough that she didn't sleep like most of the others, (I stayed up through sheer meanness) had breast cancer and some auto-immune stuff and leukemia. One of the most upbeat people there. She had been told a year before (this was just over a year ago) that she had 3 months to live. Her daughters wedding was going to be in 6. When I ended chemo she was looking forward to her other daughters wedding in 2 months.

    Its rough. She was in sorry shape, but if you have something to live for you can hold on. People die when they stop wanting to live.

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