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    Nov 12, 2004

    Now in that as the world develops
    the tendancy to greater and greater
    "globalism" is inevitable.
    Yet by whose right and authority
    do we have the mandate to
    "reorganize the biosphere."
    A biosphere not made by our own hands
    and whose very nature we our selfs are most
    "dependant" upon.
    Given that this is somewhat of a moot and self-referencing
    conundrum, I propose that in lew of evidence of sanction
    that we at least proceed in this trend towards globalism
    in a "responsible" manner. Hence the need for us to
    consider the "global" implications of our undertakings
    The manner in which to proceed with this then is akin
    to the principle of "responsible government" , a concept
    originating in Canada's historical road to independance.
    Here is some of the back ground on that "initiative."

    Quoted from the web
    Info Link =
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    Aug 10, 2004
    I am sorry, I am missing the point, is it Canada is Great (it is a good country) that someone or everyone is bad? :confused:

    I guess it is the Canadian model you refer to as to build a Globalistic Government. While laudable, the word difficult is a vast understatment. Of course, that probably is the best reason to try.

    Who do we clean up first, Russia, China, SE Asia, S America, Europe, N Amercia?
    What model do you use, democratic-socialistic, Democratic Capitalistic,...........? Authoritarian? Canada's?
    You started this thing, lay it out!
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    Nov 12, 2004
    The United Nations

    No Canada is alright but I think the mandate has to
    go or come from in some ways from the United Nations or the
    United Democracies.
    I was just using the above example as a reference or so.
    There is a good book on the matter as well
    called "Roberts Rules of Order" which also good reference to
    parliamentary protocal and procedure.
    The point is that if we are going to pretend to be the gods
    of the planet then we have to take and be responsible to and for it
    as parents are responsible to there children.
    Otherwise our pretence is nothing more than a sham and an
    unbalanced and reckless one at that.
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    Jul 4, 2004
    Just jesting Stu, but is that your troll face you have on?

    What happened to the plane?

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