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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ephailey, Oct 19, 2012.

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    I checked the prior posts but still not sure the answer.

    I bought an unlock on ebay. Now i'm supposed to do a restore. I know there are two ways to do that. If I do the suggested way, will I notice anything different on my phone or will it be like loading up a new phone. Somehow, anytime I've restored to a new phone, I've had to move around a bunch of my icons, particularly those that are just shortcuts to a web link. I've usually had to massage some other settings also. If I am restoring same phone should I expect no change or the same as a new phone?
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    I'm doing my iP4 as we speak, give me a few minutes and I'll have an answer.

    Edit: so far it appears the only thing different is I had a passcode set, after the restore I had to re-enable it. Everything else looks the same. I did a full backup before I started the restore, did the restore, then restored from the newest backup.
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    It will ask you what you want to do. It's exactly like any other time you do a full iOS upgrade.

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