Reuters claim 40 percent of Iphone users have interest in Apple watch

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by nebo1ss, Mar 19, 2015.

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    The attached article by Reuters claim that 40 percent of existing Iphone users expressed some interest in the Apple watch.

    It does not say what type of iphone the users owned.

    Based on the opinions expressed on MacRumors the figure seems high for the general population but I guess it depends on what question you ask.

    The reseach was done in California.
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    Expressing "some interest" means they are probably not going to rush out and buy one straight away.

    The 10% describing themselves as “very interested” are the most likely candidates to be early adopters and that is still a high number of potential customers when you take into account how many iPhones there are in circulation.
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    Yeah, I've looked for the source data and can't find it online.

    It is, as you say, crucial to know what question was asked, what answer options were available, and perhaps most importantly, who were asked the questions. In such a small poll as this, the population you interview can skew the result massively.
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    I think lots of people have "interest" in the watch, I for one will have a play with one, and might verywell pre-order, though that does not mean I will keep it.

    I actually expected the number to be higher.
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    Maybe that means pre-ordering on 10 April won't be such a nightmare.
  6. mchoffa macrumors 6502a

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    Oh, it will be most definitely be a nightmare. I got up at 3am to order a new iMac when the new design came out in 2012. Glad I did because everyone that ordered the one I got the following morning had to wait until 1-3 months later to actually get theirs.... and that's for an iMac, not exactly a mainstream product.

    60 million iPhone users in the US. If 10% are VERY interested, maybe 5% are interested enough to preorder. That's still 3 million people. Also, that's just in the US. Remember, this is launching in 9 countries. I worry some of us might miss the boat and be waiting a few months.
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    The other 60% are living in a bunker somewhere.
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    Here's a timeline:

    - Apple announces Apple watch prices with more information
    - Tech sites post headlines "why not to buy the watch" (CNET) to earn clicks
    - People blow up with outrage on forums about the price points
    - a few days pass
    - The price outraged folks calm down and realize the prices are not that outrageous afterall (minus the gold edition).
    - Some people insist on being vocal on why they WONT be buying the watch.
    - Some people post "apple watch sucks" videos on youtube to earn clicks.
    - Preorder day comes and record amounts of pre orders are placed.
    - Retail weekend record numbers of units are sold
    - Apple suddenly can't keep up with demand and there is a back order (again).
    - Few weeks after official release Tech sites retract that reviews and state how great the watch is and at the same time some other sites try to look for a flawgate on the new watch.
    - 6 months later its on the wrists of many people and people play the "I dont know how I got by without one" card.

    am I being optimistic? probably, but I'm sticking to this.

    If I can walk into a retail store on launch day and actually buy one I'll be shocked (preordering because I don't think it will be available).

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