Review: A wrist rest attached to your hand -- MBP's best friend

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Makosuke, Mar 2, 2007.

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    I recently bought a pair of IMAK "Mobile WristRx" gloves to provide some wrist support while using my MBP, and I like them so much I figured a little "review" here might help others since I had no idea such a thing existed until I ran across them in the drug store.

    Functionally, they're a soft fingerless glove with a sort of beanbag in the palm and a stiffer piece of fabric on the back to help keep your wrists straight while typing. Remarkably simple idea, and amazingly effective.

    Not only do they support your wrists as well as a standard wrist rest (which is impractical to use with a laptop), but they also reduce the "slow burn" you get from extended use of the warm metal palmrest area below the keyboard on a MBP PLUS keep your forearms from pressing against the relatively sharp edge of the 'Book (which at least on my 17" is an issue--I'd end up with big red creases on my forearms after a few hours).

    They're surprisingly well made--nice fabric with a sense of quality, and somewhat cleverly they're entirely reversible, so you just turn one inside out to use it on your other hand.

    This is easily the best "peripheral" purchase I've made to go with my MPB; it removed the need to get some kind of palmrest pad to stick on, keeps my grimy palms from gumming up the pretty metal surface, and makes my ulnar nerve problems (the lesser-known sibling of carpal tunnel syndrome--effects your pinky and ring finger instead of the other side of your hand) happy, all at once. Plus, they're small enough to be easily portable and with a graphite-and-black color scheme, they even look kinda geeky-cool--sort of like driving gloves for your computer.

    Only three possible caveats I can think of:
    1) When I first started wearing them the loop of elastic that goes between the thumb and index finger seemed a little tight, but it stretched out enough to be comfortable in a matter of days.

    2) They're high quality, but you pay for it--they cost around $15 each (a package only has one in it, so you need two) at my local drugstore (Longs; also saw them in Walgreens).

    3) They don't seem to appear anywhere on IMAK's website, so I kind of wonder if they stopped making them, which would be tragic. But I only bought them a couple weeks ago, so hopefully that's not the case.

    For an additional review and a picture, here's a review from some random gamer site:

    Edit: I added a couple of the world's worst product photos--built-in iSight with a random invoice for backdrop.

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    i have no idea why, but when i read the thread title, i read "a wrist attached to your head -- MBP's best friend" :p

    anyway, they look... i was going to say cool, but i think they are more practical than cool :rolleyes:

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