Review: Atomic Prisma Aluminum Bumper


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Jun 15, 2010
Citrus Heights, CA
With the majority of aluminum cases unfortunately having the one common issue of reception problems they have definitely been a niche kind of case for the masses. The Atomic Prisma Case is a whole new beast with its hybrid aluminum and polycarbonate construction insuring you will never have a signal bar drop no matter where you use your iPhone. This right off the bat makes the case a winner in my books paired with its amazingly good looks.

The Prisma is a normal two piece bumper design with 2 screws on each side of the case. The main piece of the case is the polycarbonate portion of the case and is available in either black as shown or in white as well. This piece is nice and light but still is made well enough that it’s going to protect your phone and hold up to the elements.

The other half of the case is the aluminum cap that is available in many different colors from Atomic as add-ons that will really make this a versatile case for any occasion. Each aluminum cap is made extremely well and has a nice weight to it making it the perfect companion for the other polycarbonate piece of the frame. The cap portion of the case has a nice padded rail and corner portions to ensure your iPhone will be safe from the elements if dropped from the case itself.

Atomic also offers a carbon fiber back piece to cover the back glass of your iPhone. The piece has a 3M sticky back to it that acts as a back skin to ensure it stays put while using the case. I do wish maybe Atomic could have made this piece a little nicer as it feels a little cheap when compared to the actual case itself.

When fully installed the look is nothing but stellar making this hands down one of the best looking iPhone 4 cases I’ve had the pleasure of using. The fit and finish of the case is perfect with the case molding perfectly to your iPhone looking like they were made for each other.

Holding the case in your in hand gives off a very comfortable and ergonomic feel with the outer shape of the Prisma case. Since the silhouette of the case has an opposite ridge affect to it the fit is perfect in your hand and just feels right.

The fit and finish around your buttons and ports are right on the money everywhere you look. The dock portion of the case is deep but that is to be expected with a bumper case like this and Atomic sells a dock extender if it really bugs you. The same goes for your headphone jack as an extender is for sale directly through Atomic as well. Atomic also includes a great extender for your lock button that fits and works flawlessly with the case.

The branding on the case is done very well with nothing but engraved lettering on the polycarbonate piece and the aluminum cap giving it a very classy and understated look.

I can easily say this case gives you some of the best eye candy you give your iPhone especially with the color options available. We opted for the red and lime green colors and they were everything we hoped for. The finish of the paint on the aluminum is right up there with the best of them with no spotty corners or bad streaks.

While some people may not like that it’s not a full aluminum case I actually would prefer this design thanks to its overall much lighter feel when compared to its competitors. The Prisma case is also very streamlined with the profile much slimmer and compact that the alternate all aluminum cases.

If you have ever once considered an aluminum bumper but never pulled the trigger because of reception worries then by all means take a look at the Atomic Prisma Case. It’s going to give you the great look and feel of an aluminum bumper with none of the drawbacks they all mostly carry with them. Be sure to take a look at Atomics’ site for a full list of all the color options available for just about anybody you could think of.



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Jul 25, 2012
it looks nice but very masculine looking in my eyes. I think men would really like it. I really like the look of aluminum covers but want something more sleek. I know casemate carries some and some complaint of signal drop but others don't. Don't know if I should take the plunge and get it. They look really sexyyy!