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Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 20, 2005.

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    I've been looking at this app and am pretty tempted. It looks very well thought out and fun but the examples on the main page don't really do anything for me, neither do few I've looked at in Flickr. I'm not sure if it's more to do with the content than design. I'm sure it's a lot more thrilling to see the comics you've made containing your own photos. The image filters don't look that great either.

    I have read countless good reviews about the product though. And they've got a pretty fair trial scheme going on...going to download it now.
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    Jan 20, 2004
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    Would be really interested to hear your thoughts on it - I've been tempted too but so far can't think of a good combination of images to use it on! I agree that the galleries of them I've seen haven't been particularly inspiring

    I'm assuming the filters are the same ones as in Fun House and I suppose the image you use them on will have a bearing on how good they look in the flesh (or print!?)
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    Buy it!
    I have nothing but praise for this app. I was not overly impressed by the galleries either, but the app can do so much more than that! And yet it keeps everything simple drag-and-drop, and fits in with other Mac applications really well (iPhoto and .Mac)! I've found many uses for this app since I bought it (mostly school projects - and it regularly impresses). iSight integration has found yet another wicked use for the semi-useless camera, and is as easy and quick as everything else in the app.
    The CoreImage filters are not the FunHouse ones! I assumed this would be the case as well, but these are much more useful for a comic app! They redo pictures to look like comic book illustrations. The example ones on the site don't do it justice at all - they work magic! I used a pic of Steven Spielberg I found on Google to show off two of the filters (see the attached file).
    The developers are extremely resposnive (the filters came mostly as a result of user request on the forums). Plasq is officially on my list of fav Mac shareware developers.
    totally agree with the 5/5 rating on the app. Get the trial already!

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