REVIEW: elago S5 Outfit MATRIX Aluminum and Polycarbonate Dual Case

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Orlandoech, Mar 25, 2014.

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    Having an iPhone 5s, I have purchased and tested numerous cases of all sorts. I personally am not a bulky/rugged/massive protection case person because I do not like the added bulk, weight and overall design and ergonomics those cases. I am familiar with Elago Cases and they have quality products at an affordable price.

    Like I stated in my overview, this is a slim and sleek case and I did not expect it to provide military grade protection, or even small child protection for that matter. The case adds minimal thickness/bulk to the iPhone 5s which is great. The case snaps on the rear and really only protects the rear/back and sides of the iPhone 5s, nothing more so don't expect or assume screen protection of any sort with this case.

    What I also loved about the case is that I have my iPhone 5s wrapped in a full body skin to protect from just scratches and this doesn't ruin the skin. It snaps directly over it with no issues of it pushing the edges of the skin off.

    DROPPED iPhone
    While I use my iPhone 5s, my 6 year old daughter uses it on occasions and frequently drops and mishandles the iPhone. She has dropped it on a few occasions (mostly indoors) while the case was on and it has kept the iPhone 5s front scratches, dents and dings which is sufficient and what I expect out of this case. I was not let down.

    - Give your iPhone 5/5S an Outfit! Polycarbonate and solid aluminum plate creates a modern hybrid design.

    - Protection without the bulk: Ultra Slim case offers corner and scratch protection, as well as a slight lift to allow your iPhone 5/5S to be put screen-side down on a flat surface.

    - Anti-Ghost Camera Cutout allows the camera and flash to be used without any interference from the case.

    - Direct access to all buttons and ports on your iPhone 5/5S; designed by elago in California and made in Korea to ensure the use of non-hazardous chemicals.

    - Disclaimer: Product color may vary due to lighting, screen pixel quality and color settings. Due to camera flash, shadows may exist in photos.

    A lot of cases and screen protectors I review can be rather slick and causes devices to slip from my hand more so than not protecting the device at all. I was actually surprise this was not an issue with this case.

    - Price
    - Special Coating
    - Precision Fit
    - Super Slim Design
    - Quality Control
    - Build/Quality
    - Color Selection
    - Works with SOME Full Body Skins such as Skinomi, IQ Shield, Zagg, Etc.
    - Sufficient Protection
    - Works with iPhone 5 and 5s
    - Prompt Customer Service

    - Although "slim" still adds bulk/depth to the iPhone

    I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation, and I promised that my review is fair and honest with no bias.

    You can pick up this case on ( for $11.99 at the moment. I highly recommend it and Elago.
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    Nice review. I too got a sample for review a while ago. Great case.

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