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    Link: Review: EyeTV 250 by Elgato
    Description:: The EyeTV is an amazing piece of software, and the EyeTV 250 is an equally great piece of hardware. They work together seamlessly to deliver a Tivo-like experience without all of Tivo’s invasive program tracking and monthly fees. Adding storage space is as simple as buying an external hard drive; no messy hacks and mods necessary. The EyeTV 250 works best if you have standard analog cable (i.e. no cable box) but even as a Dish Network subscriber who has a 90-hour PVR, I found the EyeTV to be great for unloading content to make room for new recordings, and for burning commercial-free DVDs of my favorite shows and movies. If you own a video iPod, the EyeTV 250 is a must-have device that pays for itself quickly when compared to the cost of purchasing television shows online.

    Rating: 9 out of 10

    Price: $199.95

    Pros: Intuitive interface, easy to use, delivers high quality recordings, exports shows to iPod or DVD (requires Toast 7), no monthly subscriptions like Tivo

    Cons: Remote could be better, it is a bit of a hassle to watch EyeTV recorded shows on a regular TV

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