Review: F10-11 OKiT Hands-free FM Transmitter (iPhone 4s)

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    • Great sound quality.
    • Easy setup.
    • Sturdy metal rod.

    • Does not work with iPhone 5 even with a 30 pin to 9 pin converter.
    • To bright blue light.
    • Not perfect for receiving phone calls.

    I've had this FM Sender for about 6 months now. I have a older car that does not have a AUX input. Been using it on a few longer trips, but have not been using it as much as wanted since I've been using a iPhone 5. Came back yesterday from a long trip, and have been using it with a iPhone 3g I had laying around for 14+ hours straight. (Pics are from my girlfriends iPhone 4).

    I got this item for review purposes and did not pay for it. If this violates something here on the forum, please remove post.

    The setup is very easy. Plug it into your car, plug 30 pin connector to iDevice, set fm sender on desired channel (choose one with few surrounding channels). And play music and search for that channel on your radio. There is also a 3.5mm jack included in the box, and this is for use if you get a incoming phone call while you are listening to music. I've not been testing this at all, and have been using the phone on speaker when i got a phone call.

    Sound quality:
    Since the 30 pin connector is using the line out from the iPhone, not just a normal 3.5mm jack, the sound quality is really good. I've been using offline Spotify (high quality settings) as a source. I believe that the sound output I get from the FM sender is better than the music on the normal radio channels.

    There was some static if there was any normal radio channels broadcasted in the same FM area. This was solved by changing the FM signal output on the device. In my area, we've only got a few radio channels on the whole FM spectrum, so this was not a issue.

    There was some audible static when I was not playing any music, or the music was paused, but this was not audible over the music. The other guys in the car agreed that the sound quality was very good and miles above what they had experienced before with FM senders. Actual true story.

    Build quality:
    I was not blown away with the build quality, but the metal rod between the phone unit and the cigarette connector is sturdy. It does not sag and stays in the position where you put it. The small plastic parts can feel a little cheap. The clamps are also good and holds the device in position.

    Is this product still valid in a post 30 pin era? I believe YES! And older iPhone or iPod, Spotify offline playlists and youve got a perfect car setup. The price is also very good. This was perfect for a road trip with a few of the guys, sync offline Spotify playlists the night before, one from each person - and you are good!

    Added bonus for me:
    In norway we have a lot of tunnels, and normal car radio does not work in the tunnels due to the signal loss. But, since this FM singal is originating from within the car thats not a problem. So with this device you can even listen to radio in the middle of the mountain! Pretty awesome. This is a great plus when driving trough 8 km (ca 5 miles) long tunnels.

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