[Review] Inateck HBU3VL3-4 USB 3.0 Hub with Ethernet

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    Inateck HBU3VL3-4 USB 3.0 Hub with Ethernet

    I have reviewed another USB 3.0 Hub before for Inateck and this Hub with Ethernet is nearly identical in terms of quality and ease of use.

    For a product that is so affordable it is refreshing to see that the quality and design have not taken a hit. This hub is very sturdy in the hand, does not creak when pressure is applied, and has a very strong cord. The cord for a USB hub is the most essential part of the product. Without a cord that is properly anchored the hub will fail and while it may not seem common it really is a huge problem for these products. I have tested numerous USB hubs that have failed after a few weeks of use and this hub has taken a beating in the past two weeks and has shown no issues.

    The top of the hub where the 3 USB 3.0 ports are located have a shiny metal case around the ports and this adds a nice flair in design and gives the hub a premium feeling. The hub did not look out of place plugged into my Macbook Air or iMac at work and a few of my coworkers actually commented on how sleek and slim it looked. There are no rubber feet on the bottom of the hub like other similar devices but that does seem to be a problem because the device is not so light that it slides around my desk.

    I have plugged in a variety of different devices (USB drives, external hard drives, game controllers, keyboards, iPhone / Android devices) and have seen no issue with connection speeds or data transfer rates.

    The unique feature of this hub is the Ethernet port and after using my Macbook Air for two weeks with this device as the primary point of internet connection I can say that now I feel spoiled to reach hard wired speeds over my slow Wifi connection. My Macbook Air does not come with an Ethernet port so to be able to connect to faster internet connection at the office or in a hotel is sometimes critical and this device allows these connections to be made. Sometimes when a feature is not available you take it for granted and having this USB hub made me realize how important an Ethernet cable connection can be especially for a business traveler like myself.

    Like all other Inateck products this USB hub is not only affordable it actually ends up being cheaper than most competitor products that come with at least 3 USB ports and an Ethernet port. I give this hub, like the last hub, a solid 5/5 stars and will continue using mine at work and when I travel. If you have any questions about this device that I received from Inateck to test and review please feel free to message me. All devices sent to me for testing and review are tested for a minimum of two weeks before a review is written to ensure proper testing before a formal review.

    You can grab this hub off Amazon along with all of Inateck’s other products


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    Did you by any chance use it with two or three USB3 ECO type drives connected, those that sleep on their own?

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