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    Description:: Upgrading your iPod’s headphones is the easiest way to improve your on-the-go music listening. But when it comes to the iPhone, upgrading isn’t as simple a task, because the iPhone’s stock earbuds are more than just headphones. They include an inline microphone for talking on the phone, and an inline controller for taking and ending calls and for basic music-playback control. In addition, the iPhone’s recessed headphone jack means that not all headphone plugs will fit. If you’ve already got a favorite set of headphones, we recently reviewed a number of headset adapters that add the microphone and controller button along with an iPhone-compatible plug. But if you’re in the market for new headphones and want those features built-in, you need a true iPhone headset.

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    iPhone head sets are JUNK!!!!

    I've gone through SIX of these danged headsets. The buttons always go bad (and I DO take care of my equipment) and the rubber rings on the ear buds always come off after about 7 weeks.

    They are NOT worth the $29.00 they charge for these things. They should be $10.00 because that's all they're worth. I have iPod headsets that have lasted me for years.


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