[REVIEW] Luphie (Chinese Brand) Aluminum Bumper Magnetic Case For iPhone 6+

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    I was looking for a really nice carbon fiber case a few weeks back, but came across the Draco Design Ventare from a Youtube video. The design intrigued me, it definitely looked stylish but the downside would be protection of course. So I take to ebay to see if I can find a good looking Aluminum bumper case and I came across something similar in design to the Ventare by a Chinese company Luphie. So after some thought, I jumped on it. This is my review of the case:

    The package arrived within a week (shipped from Los Angeles, CA to San Diego, CA .. yeah I know it took forever right), so you could imagine my excitement as I opened up the packaging. It came in a rectangular box cushioned in foam. There were no instructions and their website was beyond useless (and slow).

    * Bumper case with 3 buttons already placed - volume up/down and sleep/wake
    * An attachment for the silent/vibrate switch

    It was a bit difficult to put the case on since I was sitting on my bed (uneven surface) and the sleep/wake button kept coming out. I also had issues with making sure the silent/vibrate switch would stay in place and after a few attempts, I was successful.

    The design of this case is two-fold. It has magnets around the edges, but it also has notches on the corners so you have to snap it on all four corners. Because of this, prying it open is a pain. There isn't a clear indication where to or how to open it, you just had to figure it out. Ignorant and painfully stupid, I decided to try to pry it open at the weakest point - the bottom side. That wasn't smart, but no damage came to the phone. I used a flat head to slowly pry open one of the sides (left / right), enough to get one corner free. The rest was a piece of cake. It was a scary process since I didn't want to break it, but it worked out in the end.

    The case's design was great. I got a lot of complements and most people loved it. It feels good in your hands, but the one issue I had with this case with the grip wasn't great compared to my previous TPU-plastic case. But I think the designs on the side makes it a lot more easier to grip than a naked iPhone, but obviously less than TPU). I did face the same issue as when I carried my iPhone naked (the phone would like to slip out when driving to work in work pants), and it fell out of my pocket twice today (once going to work, and again coming from work). The bumper wasn't scratched or anything.

    Another con about this case was that it doesn't properly. I mean there is a little bit of looseness in the sense that when i press a corner of my phone, it seems like it's slightly being raised or pushed down - but it doesn't interfere with my phone usage experience.

    The vibrate/silent switch nob that comes with the case is a bit odd. It feels like I am bending the switch (the one on the iPhone, not the accessory nob) because I have to use a bit of force (not significant, but it's not as fluid as a naked iPhone).

    What I like about this case is that it is thick enough to cover the camera's protrusion and the screen too. I use a glass screen protector (Edge to edge - by TechArmor if people are curious) and so the screen protector is definitely in flush with the bumper case. Remove the screen protector and I would have enough of a lip to place my phone face down.

    Another thing I like about this case is that it was gaps in the case design for where the antenna wires are. Since it's a bumper case there are four locations - the top left / right side of the case and the bottom left/right side of the case.

    I haven't had issues with cellular reception by the way. I have been getting 1-2 bars while at home and I got 4 bars at work, which sounds right for my location and what I was getting rocking a naked iPhone or with my previous case.

    I do know that I listed more cons than pros and the reason for that is because I wanted everyone to know what they were walking into if they chose this case. This is clearly a design case and not a protection case. It does offer some mild protection, but I would imagine this would fly apart the moment it hits the ground. Maybe the notches on the corner will be strong enough... but personally I doubt it.

    This case cost me about $24 bucks including Cali tax. I was missing my naked iPhone's aluminum feel, but at the same time the grip was crap on the phone.

    Pics will be in the next post

    {Ebay link - http://www.ebay.com/itm/Luxury-Alum...-Case-For-Apple-iPhone-6-Plus-/201381344284?}
    {Price - $21.99}
    {Model Sizes Available In: iPhone 6 / 6+}
    {Colors Available - Gold, Black, Silver, Gray, Green, Red; I chose Gold to suit my Gold iPhone 6+}
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    Pictures ... As you can see, the bottom is slightly messed up - perhaps from me not putting the case on properly the begin with, but it still looks decent. Those "creases / lines" at the top and bottom (DSC01455 and DSC01456) is supposed to be there, it's part of the design.

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