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Review: Nanoleaf's $200 HomeKit-Enabled Hexagons Paint Your Walls With Color


macrumors newbie
Jun 18, 2007
I have Light panels, and Canvas. Canvas is way better imo, as each square fully lights up. It appears to me the hexagon is supposed to replace light panels as the look is similar. Best part is syncing my PC when gaming to the panels and it matches up with the screen. I would definitely recommend nanoleaf canvas.


macrumors member
Feb 22, 2020
Am I the only person that things this is a pointless product? I might be interested if they were light panels 1x4ft or 2x4ft, but tiny little segments doesn't make sense to me.


macrumors 603
Apr 24, 2016
Nanoleaf is over-priced plastic junk with half-baked software that constantly disconnects from wi-fi. And once you've spent a pile of money to telegraph to your friends your bad taste in interior design you'll wonder if it was worth it and how much you might get from it by dumping it on eBay. That is works with Homekit seems a tenuous news peg to post an exhaustive feature that reads like PR on a site for Mac rumors and news.

Coloured lights are not for everyone, I get it, but that seemed just harsh. It’s good to have options.
Enjoying multiple sets of these every day, scenes are saved in Home and easily accessible. The Nanoleaf software has proven fine and one doesn’t interact with it that often outside of the setup process and reconfiguration.
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