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Discussion in 'Games' started by ddrueckhammer, Jun 17, 2006.

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    I purchased a DS Lite and the following five games a couple of days ago and have been playing them non-stop since. Here are my impressions...

    DS Lite Hardware-

    This is a really nice piece of hardware. I read that the buttons were squishy somewhere but all I can say is that they are functional and I don't have an original DS to judge it against so they work for me. The built-in Wifi is phenomenal and works extremely well. I would recommend getting a case for it just to keep it clean in your bag and washing your hands if they get dirty before using it because it is kind of like a mini Macbook and looks like it could show dirt easily. Mine had a dead pixel on the touch screen so I will be exchanging it or possibly returning it...(but more about that later).

    1. New Super Mario Brothers- I am 25 years old and have played many of the Mario games and this game is Mario 3 version 2.0. The maps are different but have similar themes; Raccoon Mario, Frog Mario, and Tanooki Mario are traded for Giant Mario, Turtle Mario, and Mini Mario. One neat feature is that if you already have a power up any additional ones are stored on the touch screen for future use. If you have never played a Mario game this is a 10, (although you might want to start by playing Super Mario Bros 1 or 3 if you have been stuck in a time warp for 20 years) if not, it is a 9 because it is very well executed but feels a little like "been there, done that, bought the T-shirt"...Overall 9.5
    2. Tetris DS - The multi-player additions to this game seem really cool but I am not a master and couldn't beat most of the players I went up against online. This is pretty much the same old game with some different modes and a Nintendo Classics theme on top of it. I would say that what I said about NSMB counts doubly here unless you are really good at Tetris and can compete online...Overall 9.0
    3. Metroid Prime Hunters- The controls are fantastic on this game (although they take some getting used to) and 4-player online play is really sweet. It plays like any modern FPS but I found that it really pushes the graphics to the max on the DS. It just seemed a little pixilated at times. I was frustrated with the jump command on the one-player play as some of the obstacles were jump onto using the double tap on the touch screen while moving. Much like Tetris, the online play is satisfying but difficult so expect to die a lot at first. This game really makes you hope that they port "Bond" 007: Golden Eye to the DS. Overall 8.5
    4. Animal Crossing Wild World- I picked this up based on reviews and have to say it is really kind of fun. It is kind of like the Sims but different. I have never played the GC version so it is all new to me. It feels like the characters boss you around a bit in the game but it is interesting because it brings a new level of interactivity to genre. The graphics are cartoonish but good and there is no real goal but it sure is addictive. The online play kind of sucks because you have to have friend’s codes to get visitors or visit other people. Personally, I wouldn't mind getting a random visitor every now and again...They should have just put profanity filters on it and made visitors ask permission to make changes to your kingdom. I could see myself getting bored with this game eventually but it will be a while. An alternative to this game might be Nintendogs as it has a more realistic theme and extremely good reviews on every gaming site. Overall 8.5
    5. Advance Wars Dual Strike- This game is satisfying and frustrating at the same time. I got it because it has great reviews and I wanted a turn-based strategy game. I have never played Advance Wars and was hoping it was a future themed Shining Force or Final Fantasy Tactics. The strategy part is very satisfying and pretty difficult because there are a million options but because the units are machines instead of characters they are hard to get attached to. Also, I miss being able to walk around maps and towns "Zelda style" between battles like in other turn-based games. It is just one fight after another...I would say this is a good game but it wasn't what I really wanted so I am disappointed. The anime graphics are just OK in my opinion. Overall, 8.0

    As far as the whole PSP vs. DS Lite argument goes I would pick the DS Lite because it has more content that I am interested in. My top five games are: FF VII, Shining Force, World of Warcraft, Super Mario 3, and Planescape Torment. There are more games like this on DS than PSP so it wins hands down without even consider the extra costs of owning a PSP. The PSP has more built in features built-in and better graphics but I find the DS has more strengths for me.

    As far as the Movies, Music, Homebrew and Internet features of the PSP go the DS has add-ons available now (currently only in Japan) that will give it all the features of a PSP.

    The Play-Yan Mini, DS Movie Player, and M3 are available for import from Japan (although I would wait to see if a US version comes if you don't speak Japanese). The video and homebrew features of these products might be worth there cost (if they worked with macs) but for music you are better off with an iPod Shuffle or Nano. I probably wouldn't bother since breaking copyright protection on DVDs is still illegal in the US. The Play-Yan does support MPEG 4 so I guess ITMS purchases would play on it though...


    The Opera Browser is coming as a cartridge to the DS by Christmas. I am waiting for this and will buy it the day it is released.

    I said earlier that I was considering returning my DS Lite...This is because I am a college student and it is so addictive. I wouldn't hesitate recommending it to anyone but I would say that expect it to eat your free time for a while so budget accordingly...;)
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    That was well written. And welcome to the light side. It's pleasant over here. I'm seeing WiFi games there ;)
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    Jun 30, 2005
    Thanks for the review. It was actually quite helpful. :) I am considering a DS Lite as I am a major dork when it comes to the classic Mario and other Nintendo games. :D But does the hardware actually come with any games or you have to buy them seperately?
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    The Lite is very cool. I look forward to spending more time with it once school is finished.

    Unfortuately, gone are the days when a system in its first (so to speak) release comes bundled with a game. That seems to be reserved to maintain sales in the middle or towards the end of its product cycle. :( Oh well...
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    Gotta buy them separately. Unless you hurry! Wal Mart, Circuit City, and Best Buy all have a promotion where if you buy a new Nintendo DS Lite (in store for CC and BB) and present a coupon, you can get the Brain Age game for free (about $20 value).

    That's what I'm aiming for. :p

    I'm so excited... I've never owned any video game system, handheld or not! :D
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    yay! you're getting one! i love mine.
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    Thank you Jah...I'm so Blessed
    Great!....wish brain age was wifi....i would like to get at you guys.

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    Thanks for the review, I was gonna make another thread asking for one because I don't like reviews that I find on the internet (generally by...'non-real' people). But I figured they would come naturally.

    Thanks though!
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    Haha, same here. I'm planning to get one on Monday.
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    Thanks for the compliment.

    After playing the DS Lite a for a couple more days I can't say enough how very impressed I am with it. I would say that it is my favorite piece of non-Apple hardware that I have owned. The Wifi gaming is still kind-of weak on games that require friend codes but it is revolutionary to me to be able to play online on a handheld. I went by EB Games today and got a used copy of Shining Force: Resurrection of Dark Dragon which is the GBA port of one of my favorite games of all time. If you like turn-based strategy this game and the Phantasy Star series were among the earliest players. Games that I might purchase once these get old include: Nintendogs, Brain Age, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, Resident Evil: Deadly Silence, Mario Kart DS, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, and Final Fantasy Tactics (GBA).

    Also, I am very much looking forward to the Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass and Final Fantasy III which were just recently announced! It is truly amazing the amount of great games available for this product. I can't wait to see what new games use the DS's unique controls to revolutionize handheld gaming. Also, assuming the Opera browser is top notch I would recommend everyone purchase it as the DS Lite should make an excellent portable web browser. Great for quickly checking email (web base at least) and daily rumors on Macrumors!
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    Don't you mean the Lite side?

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