Review of MacMice's SightFlex iSight Stand

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Mar 15, 2004.

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    RE: Review of MacMice's SightFlex iSight Stand

    After discovering how inconvenient (and lame) the included Apple iSight stands were, I grudgindly spent an additional $29.99 for the SightFlex stand.

    The stand seemed smaller in person than in photos at the manufacturer's website and can topple over if the camera is positioned too far beyond its vertical axis.

    However, it was the best accessory purchase I ever made. This stand allows for multiple positioning of the camera at nearly all angles which has always been a problem plauging most webcams.

    I highly recommend it for anyone iSight owner.

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    I'd have a hard time buying from MacMice

    You can acheive the same thing with a lamp stand and firewire extender cable.

    You can also get these from several distributors in Japan.

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