Review of the (white) Griffin Nu Form case for iPhone 3G

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by cellocello, Aug 21, 2008.

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    Jul 31, 2008
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    I posted this in another thread ... but I figured it was meaty enough to warrant it's own thread. Hope you like, and that this helps in your buying decision:


    This is what I bought for my White iPhone after dropping it once from about 2 feet, which left an unsightly mark on the lower left corner of the phone.

    At first I was impressed by how snug the case was, and by how relatively slim and low profile it was. But after about 10 days use, I'm falling out of love with the thing and will probably not use it anymore.

    While it is sorta thin, it certainly does add bulk; and when you remove the case and hold your phone again you really realize how nice the iPhone is, and how (relatively) not nice the case's plastic and size is.

    And even though the case is pretty snug, mine (all of them, probably) isn't perfectly even. Meaning some parts are super flush with the phone, and other parts leave a noticeable gap. Not a big deal, but could leave room for particles to get in. Which brings me to my next point ...

    I have scratches now! The scuff mark from the 2ft drop was one thing, but after using the case for 10 days, everything is covered in those little sh*tty scratches! The chrome, the back, everything. It sucks to be honest, and this is probably the single biggest reason for me not to use the case. Like ... what's the point? The phone would have been better protected just in my pocket over the past 10 days.

    While it *may* protect the phone from large falls, it certainly isn't a "keep my product perfect" kind of case. So, in your day-to-day non-dropping usage, this thing will probably hurt more than it helps. At least for me, this was my experience.

    So ... I mean ... short of possibly protecting the phone from potential high falls (if they occur), I fail to see value of this product. This strikes me more as a $30 accessory / decoration for people who like to "jazz up" their phones, moreso than anything else.

    I got this case because it was the highest rated case on iLounge that wasn't ugly as hell. I realize now that site isn't really for people like me. The cases they gave A's and A+'s to, blow my mind. It's all overpriced, cheap crap.

    I have to this product a 6/10 only because it isn't all that ugly (though it is a bit) and seems to fit ok-ish (though not really). But really ... this was just $30 that will end up in plastic form in one of my drawers.
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    Sep 24, 2007
    I had a Black Griffin Elan Form with the leather backing and had no issues with scratches or fit. I currently use the Incase Slider because it is smaller and I like the color and texture better.
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    Jul 7, 2008
    Same here. Just received my incase slider in the phone. Previously had elan form.

    About the problem with bezel scratches, it's a common thing with all cases that has open access to the touchscreen. It's not just the elan form.

    The Elan form gave a couple stretches to the back of my iPhone, but it's nothing major. I would expect this anyways with the plastic rubbing against the phone when u take off the bottom part.

    I prefer the slider over the elan form simply since it's thinner. There will be other people who like the leather back though. Both are good cases and as usual, overpriced!
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    Jul 31, 2008
    Toronto, ON
    I was hoping that this case was going to be a little thinner than it ended up being.

    It looks pretty thin and stuff, but once you start shoving it in jean pockets I found it just a tad too big.

    I do sorta feel like I want/need some protection ... but man, at $30 bones (and sometimes non-returnable, depending on the store) it gets pretty pricey to try everything out for a couple weeks.

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