Review + pics of Rocketfish Gel Case for iPhone 4


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Jun 29, 2006

I realize there are quite a few reviews on this case but I thought I'd throw my two cents in. I needed a case right away since I have the antenna issue and I'm worried about accidentally dropping my phone. I headed to Best Buy after a few guys here recommended it to check out the cases and I found this one to be one of the better ones offered there. It was expensive at $25, I've heard of people getting it from BB for as little as $15.

I'm not sure what the case is made of, probably TPU. It seems to be well made and the seam around the middle is not rough or sharp. The holes are all cut out nicely and I haven't noticed any issues with headphones (I've tried the Apple ones, Skullcandy in-ear ones, and two Sony ones). The material is harder than silicone but has a decent amount of flex to it. It fits tightly around the phone but my sides do have a little bit of 'give' to them. The hardness DOES impede use of the lock/volume buttons. Since it's not squishy, it requires some force to press the buttons. My lock button seems fairly easily pressed, but my volume buttons do not.

It feels good in the hand, not too slippery or sticky. I haven't had any lint problems nor does it stick in my pockets. Some dust does stick on it though, but I think that is the nature of all cases like this. The diamonds on the back are squishy (you can push down on them) and I think it will protect the back glass well in a fall. This case is not as rugged as something like the Speck Pixelskin, and I think it's a little less protective than the Incase Protective Case, but it is probably comparable to the Pixelskin HD.

I did notice that dust tends to accumulate around the front lip, however I noticed that the lip curls under a bit if that makes sense, which might work to keep dust from getting inbetween the case and phone. I have not noticed any scratching or dust buildup inside.

This case HAS helped my antenna issues. I do not notice more than 1 bar dropping at any time. I literally could take my phone from 4-5 bars to "Searching... No service" with a death grip. Now I have no issues with reception aside from places where reception was already bad to begin with (my house, the mall, etc.).

I do NOT have any film installed on the phone. I did have tape around the edges though and the case fit fine over that, so I think it will be fine over a full-body, edge, or back film. This case may cause bubbling/lifting for front films such as PS.

As far as flash goes, I have NOT noticed any color/washing out in close up photos. However, once you move back farther than a foot, there is a noticeable pink coloring around the top and the photo seems washed out. I am not sure if coloring the edge of the cutout black will help with this issue. I rarely use the flash so this is not a huge issue for me at this point.

I do not have a dock so I can't say if this will fit. It does fit in my iHome easily. Both the new and old Apple USB connectors fit without any issues.

Overall, this is a decent case. It's not my favorite - I think the diamond back looks a little tacky - but it will tide me over until I get a better case from Incase or Speck.


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Sep 2, 2009
My girlfriend has this case for her's I don't like how the lock button has no travel with that case on. For $15 its worth it for anything more than that definitely not.


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Feb 13, 2009
sorry if i overread anything in this thread but is any part of the case made of material that can scratch the iphone??


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Jun 29, 2006
As far as I know, no, nothing can scratch the phone. HOWEVER, I have heard reports of peoples bumpers and cases scratching their phone (not sure how, maybe through particles accumulating between the case and phone). So this *might* scratch the phone that way, but otherwise there is nothing.


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Apr 8, 2009
Raleigh, NC
I decided to buy this case from Best Buy tonight, but in the dark gray "smoke" color. This is a damn good case. It fits snugly around the phone, yet doesn't peel up my Crystal Film on the front nor my InvisibleShield on the back (though the diamond imprint from the inside of the case is now molded into the IS for an interesting looking effect). It feels hard enough to protect the phone in case of a fall, but is also pretty flexible. I would definitely recommend this case.


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Aug 27, 2010
Good review.

I have both the Rocketfish and the Pixelskin HD, and I (slightly) prefer this one (the Rocketfish).

While I kind of prefer the look on the Pixelskin HD, I feel the Rocketfish offers better protection. The Pixelskin HD is skin tight, whereas the Rocketfish adds a bit more bulk (not much more, but still).

Also, I’m using the SGP full-body kit on my iPhone (both front AND back screen protectors), and the Rocketfish has yet to cause any bubbling/lifting. This is the main reason why I’m still keeping the Rocketfish on. The Pixelskin HD is too close-fitted to allow for 2 screen protectors and basically ruined my front shield in less than a month.

I don’t have a dock either and never really used the flash, so I can’t comment on those issues.
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