reviewing my new ibook 700mhz


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May 7, 2002
Hey boys and girls. I got my new 12 inch 700mhz ibook about 3 days ago. I loaded it up with 640mb of ram. Here's what you should know.
Forget that Apple "Simple" slogan. The ibook came with no step by step guide on how to set up the ibook.(Apple, Steve, hook up your simple machines with some simple set up instructions.)
Ummmmm...Mac os X, as far as I'm concerned forget about it. Too complicated. I feel like I'm in the Windows world, and If that is what I wanted I would just have worked on my Dell, but I don't want that. I LLLLOVVVE Apple's old OS which they now call classic. Most of my applications are old, I mean old. Here's one for you. Aldus pagemaker 5.0. Thats right ALDUS. I know, old as ****, but I love that version.
Well, running my mostly classic applications on Mac OS 9.2 is an incredible experiance. I mean I have a G3 450 tower with 256mb of ram and a 9G scsi hard drive, and my ibook kicks its ass. This baby is fast. I don't mind the small 12 inch screen thing. I look nice and heck, its a notebook.
Now here are my complaints about this notebook-so far that is.
Um, I don't know about other notebooks, but without the battery in it, I can't run it. Even though its plugged in. If thats the case with most notebooks then no big deal. But it would be great to be able to leave the heavy battery behind and just power it up with the cord.
Next thing. I hooked up a 19 inch external monitor to it. When i close the case to save on my LCD screen, the thing goes into sleep mode, even the external screen-darn that sucks. Would nice just to hook up a keyboard and mose and an external monitor, close the thing up and keep working. Maybe it does work that way, but I haven't figured it out yet. But nothing in the Mac Help section tells me different.
OH, I can only charge the battery when it is installed on the ibook. Once again if the other notebooks are like that then what can i say. Would be nice to just to charge up the battery seperate without running power through the ibook.
Oh, and the darn thing doesn't give me the Lotto numbers.
Besides that I love the little darn thing It does what I want it to do with no problems. Don't believe that nonsense that you can't run photoshop and stuff like that on it. It runs and runs well.
THe only thing it does't do smooth is internet. But thats just a general thig with Macs. At least i think. My windows machine doesthat well, but I call that play time. When it's time to create, it's Apple time.
I give it two thumbs up and a foot for anyone running classic applications (mac os 9.2). For that new Mac OS X your going to have to get one of those people who like to run an OS which doesn't have much to run on it....ha ha ha. Maybe next year for that. Be good all. Enjoy being different because who the heck wants to be like the guy or girl next door.

Technology has made my life complicated because now I have no excuses.


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Apr 2, 2002
Hong Kong
hey btw.. the way you can hook up a monitor + a keyboard is...

first hook up the keyboard and mouse. hook up your monitor, if you havent already, and set it to mirroring, or at least get it running. then close the iBook, it will go to sleep mode.. then hit some random keys on the external keyboard and/or click the mouse a few time and the screen (external) will turn on then there you go... have fun with your mac..


Jul 9, 2000
i think you should be able to power up any notebook without the battery but i would call apple and check on this one...maybe they made your model that way, who knows

my old 99 ibook still has the old battery in it which gives me nearly three hours runtime on it...originally, it gave me just over four hours and if i did just word processing i could possibly get five hours

my pc laptop's battery died in less than a year and i never got much more than an hour on this laptop's new battery

ibooks rule when it comes to battery life and you will find when you go out, that is the most important thing of all for any portable

right now, portables is all i use at my house and i have become accustomed to it and will never go back to a desktop unless it is small and has an lcd monitor if it's a pc...all macs are lcds except for classic imac and emac and i am sure any cathode ray tube monitors will be completely out of apple's lineup by next year

700 mhz already in an ibook...that is amazaing and affordable,'s just too cool
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