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Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 26, 2004.

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    This is close to my way of thinking about it, but it misses one crucial point. You can't come to know the answer just by asking, but you can get it by trying the stylish option.

    If you never try it, you'll never know.

    The typical Windows PC user just "doesn't get" how anyone can be so fanatical about a computer. For them, computers are just tools. They assume it's because there are different kinds of people, and the kind who are likely to get fanatical are somehow drawn to the Mac. My observation is that there are different kinds of computers, and most of those who try the Mac realize how great it is in comparison to others, and become fanatical.

    It works in the other direction as well. Mac users don't often understand that most Windows users aren't really "anti-Mac". The problem is that most Windows users are "anti-fanatical", and are honestly ignorant of why Mac inspires fanaticism.
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    Jan 24, 2003
    In all fairness ive had a Mac for a very very very very short time frame. in this time frame ive not only grown to love what was at first a freak of nature for me. ive also come to terms that i am better of with a mac than with a pc. Pcs yes great lots of software not a problem not an issue at all.. Macs Soft ware looks and it feels smooth.. I took one look at the new iMac and went i want one of those. I still havent got one and my eyes are now on the iBook or Powerbook. but my god as soon as i Got my original iMac i was in aur of how it worked.

    one power lead
    mouse (swaped the puck for a 2 button)
    and all bulit in no power blocks for spearkers pr screen

    Fantastic desgin fantastic product

    and i get to use Panther ..

    ok iam just blabing on sorry lol:D i just seem to love Macs more over Windows..

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