Rick: Are you Infected? 2011MBP: AHHLLLHHGG(weird zombie growl)--NEED Advice!

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Glamster, Nov 2, 2014.

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    Hi there,

    I posted in another thread but I wanted some advice as many of you have been going through a similar issue in reference to the 2011 macbook pro.

    The main goal of my post is to get any advice on what route I should take, and what sort of expectations I should have.

    I have always been a loyal Apple customer. Since my first Apple purchase, I was mesmerized by their customer service and how seamlessly all of the devices integrated with each other. To date I have:
    Two Macbook Pros
    Two Macbook Airs
    One Led Cinema Display
    Apple TV
    Three iPads
    Maybe 7 iPhones
    About 4 ipods
    Periphial's (wireless mouse, keyboard etc.)
    In addition to roughly $2000 a year in iTunes Purchase.

    Who am I? I am a business owner and have always relied on Apple to be a reliable source of equipment. At one point I had two television shows about my business and because of this my website generates a good deal of traffic. My daily workload includes html editing, social media blasts, Editing LR Catalogs of thousands of images, general client interactions, creating graphics for my site-- pretty much all the tasks of any "I need to do everything" business owner.

    That said, my main piece of equipment is my macbook pro paired with the 24" display. The first macbook pro ran into graphical issues early on, so rather than spending $ on a screen replacement I just bought a new macbook pro. Full upgraded, roughly $2400-- an early 2011 macbook pro to be precise.

    About three months ago I started experiencing issues the second I connected the external monitor (now i know it was because the graphics cards where being switched).
    Overall symptoms:
    • overheating
    • spinning fans
    • freezing
    • constant grey screen
    • random restarts
    • strange color displays
    • nothing happening after apple logo startup

    I called apple support and they gave me some help. But the issues returned. Finally after three independent support calls (where each indicated there was not a hardware failure) I began to lose hope. Keep in mind I was doing PRAM and SMC resets, permission repairs, erasing drive and reinstalling mavericks, cleaning library files in target disk. Everything an educated user would do to troubleshoot. These fixes would hold me over for an hour or two but everything would always go back to GREY.

    I knew this was a hardware failure and after enough research I knew that there was many of us with this issue. I contacted apple chat and asked how i could escalate this. He said that he would have customer relations contact me the next morning.

    The next morning a nice woman contacted me and I explained what I had been experiencing, she then transferred me to her supervisor who said in a secretive way that neither she nor her were in customer relations, but that he would do everything in his capacity to help me. He asked me what my goal was and I said, I simply want what i paid for. I want a new device. This is a lemon. I explained that many other users going through this issue have had Fruitless repairs and I do not have the time to "prove" through three repairs that I deserve a new machine. I have lost so much time already averaging four hours a day just trying to get the machine on. OF COURSE, I said this in a sweet, kind, ass kissing way as I know these guys are the gatekeepers to any possible exceptions.

    He put me on hold, spoke to HIS supervisor, and said that there is no hardware failure documented on my case and that I need to go to an apple store and have the hardware failure documented as it gave him more leverage to initiate a replacement.

    So that evening I headed over to the apple store with my two year old daughter. (Who insisted on saying hello to every single person in the apple store:)) Anyway, we get up to the genius bar, and they did the diagnostic. The device would not load to triage, had a hard disk, logic board,and graphics card failure. LEMMMMONNN . He asked me how I wanted to proceed and I explained that I had been speaking to a person in customer support and he was handling my case and at this point, all he wanted me to do was have the hardware failure documented (which the customer support rep told me to do).

    That evening I called back my "point person" and it was like a scene from Regarding Henry. I get that they talk to a lot of people but seriously? You can't have that kind of memory loss and be a supervisor. He sort of didn't remember anything, or did but was in a horrible mood. He said that there was no way he would have told me he could have gotten me a replacement device. I said no, you never promised me anything, but you did say that if you had the hardware failure documented you would have more leverage. He then sort of remembered and said that if we have one repair on file and the machine still has issues he will have more "leverage".

    Of course consumer law is a full contraction to everything they are doing, as there is an expectation of the product doing what its supposed to. Warranty or no warranty, I am not responsible for manufacturer defects. But I didn't want to piss him off so I agreed and said I understood(something is better than nothing). He created a repair order for me and said it was in my case.

    This was our last call. I tried emailing and calling to get this "repair" order he had put in for a logic board and graphics card but I got a one line email saying its all with my info and that I can go to any apple store.

    The next day my husband went to the upper east side store and they directed him to fifth ave. So, he went to fifth ave. (Mind you he was in the city for work). He simply wanted to drop off the computer as the repair order was in. After two hours waiting, he met with the genius. The genius did some searching but found no repair order, or any note in my case outside of my "refusing repair" two days before! My husband called me and explained what was going on. I guess at the apple store during diagnostic they logged me as "refusing repair" when all I said was that I had a person that told me he was my point person.

    Nevertheless, three hours later, my husband left the 5th avenue store with my computer as the "point person" and "repair order" did not exist in my file. So either I am Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind having support calls with Apple Geniuses, OR this person knew to not leave a paper trail of his errors.

    That evening I emailed the "point person" and never heard back. I also emailed Tim Cook, and got a reply from one of his executive level customer relations people and I think he comes back on Monday.

    At this point I don't think what I am asking for is unreasonable. I want a usable computer and I refuse to wait for three logic boards to fry to prove this computer sucks.

    I do not know what route will give me the best results. In store or Relations? In every encounter I have made sure that I have been courteous, respectful, and thankful. I do believe that the supervisor that was helping me just got a little scared of doing something not within his full power.

    At this point I have clients beating down my door for their images, and I cannot run Lightroom on my airs, certainly not the catalog sizes I have. I have not been able to do my work properly for a while now.

    This computer is something that allows me to conduct my business properly and these four day lapses of communication where apple can't get their story straight are costing my money. Im not the schmuck that asks for the $ I lost during down time. Im just asking for something in exchange for the $2400 I gave them. Unless Apple is a Church?

    I understand people make mistakes logging information, but you would think that a companies first priority would be keeping loyal customers. Apparently apple went from 1st to 13th in a national customer service study of the past year.

    Anyway, please let me know any routes I can take or any tips you have.


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    Ok Great quick question

    Okay that sounds great. Do you think my request for a new device rather than doing the required three minimum "repairs" is reasonable considering the down time and customer services issues I have had thus far? Every time I have brought up the issues specific to this model that others are facing, I feel that apple employees are all smoke and mirros.
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    They won't honour the request, unfortunately.

    Go through the 3 repairs and demand for a new rMBP.
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    I feel your pain with the 2011 Macbook Pro but I don't think it's unreasonable for apple to want to repair it before offering a replacement computer. With the recent lawsuit and the buzz it is starting to create, I would venture to guess that at some point (soon, I hope) there will be some sort of more permanent fix for these issues.

    My advice is to go through the repair process and keep taking it back. After a few repairs, then ask for a replacement and I'm willing to bet that they may bite. I have heard the magic number is 3 but I don't know that there is any hard and fast rule regarding that.

    Lastly. IMO, if you are doing business through your computer, you should ALWAYS have a contingency plan because the reality is that things can and will break. Lemon or not, things will fail.

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