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How can I quickly rip an aiff to mp3?? I have QuickTime Pro. I know that I can take it into iTunes, burn it to a CD and re-import, but what other (Preferably free) mp3 rippin' programs are out there?


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Jan 22, 2002
is there any other mp3 player other than itunes? maybe one that is faster (if that's even possible)?

*used to be a soundjam user*


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Apr 22, 2002
Rochester, NY
The finest aiff to mp3 encoder I have used is the LAME encoder. It is a command line program, but there is an applescript to run it from iTunes.

You can get LAME from

The applescript I use is available from

The encoder is fairly slow on my iBook 500, but is alright on my Dad's Quicksilver 733.

The quality is the best I have ever heard in an mp3 with decent bitrate as well, depending on the style of music.