Rising sealevels will cost US DoD/ America TRILLIONS of $.

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    The US Navy naturally has sea ports, where all its ships are docked when not out at sea.

    The sea level is rising.

    The US biggest, most important naval base in Norfolk, VA is spending billions to protect the base, but that is temporary as the surrounding area is flooding now and will eventually isolate Norfolk. It is predicted by 2100, about 128 bases will be flooded and shut down. This is also a threat conservatives are also taking seriously, even if they do not believe the cause it man made.

    Bottom line, one by one Naval bases will be forced to close.
    And building a new one will cost TRILLIONS of $.
    Simply because land at higher elevations is privately owned, will need to purchased, cleared, channels made, buildings made, and the old location cleaned up.
    And this can start as soon as 10 years from now to the most vulnerable bases.

    Of course we cannot know how fast it will happen, but it is not hard to calculate the impact of each foot of sea level rise, and then factor in frequent storms that make the effects more acute.
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    May 13, 2016
    Give the sea level a permanent tax cut and watch all the resulting benefits. There, I solved it.
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    Sometimes sea level rise is actually because local ground level is dropping. No idea if this is the case here, but it happens.

    Sometimes that cause too is man-made - like because of excessive groundwater pumping for example.
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    Rising ocean level issues are not isolated to the USN only...

    Goodbye Miami Title Page -  RollingStonearticle June 2013.jpg
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    It's ironic that the Government will spend billions to protect our coastlines from foreign invasions yet won't even acknowledge the words "climate change", let alone man's role in it. In the end this is what's going to do us all in.
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    Oh, sure,

    Miami, New York, Waikiki, etc.
    But those are private ventures, its their fault for building there.
    (semi sarcasm).

    Point is, the military gets 100x more consistent attention other spending factors.
    On top of that disaster funding is random at best, while military is massive, long term funding commitments.
    It is possible that maintaining naval bases would soon take over the entire US federal budget, let alone military.
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    Umm, ' Sea level trickle down' tax. Who would have thought?
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    The Evildrome Boozerama
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    They are tapped out building the wall separating the US and Canada.
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    Rising tides are like tax cuts: they lift everyone!
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    Never mind the naval base at Norfolk - pretty soon the city of Norfolk will be Venice on the Chesapeake. Already parts of the city flood at high tide (see link). But hey, that climate change crap is just a bunch of conspiring scientists....
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    Build a wall dyke...

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