Risks of updating to iOS 5 now.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by tigress666, Oct 5, 2011.

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    Ok, first of all, please don't tell me to wait (unless you want to outline the risks why but just telling me to wait with no reasons is useless), the whole reason I ask this question is to see what risks there are and if it is worth it to wait (I know, it's just a week but I've been impatient for the upgrade since they announced what they were doing with iOS 5).

    So I have itunes 10.5 beta 7 and I found the GM seed. My phone has never been jailbroken so that shouldn't be an issue (in fact normally I'm a "good little girl" and wait til Apple releases stuff before I put it on my phone). I am not a dev, don't have a dev account, don't know anyone with a dev account so no UDID or whatever it was that it is called.

    What I'm worried about is a few things:
    1. Itunes beta 7 pretty decent? If I upgrade to it is it pretty good about not messing up how I have my itunes set up (Just worried cause it is a beta)?

    2. Should I back up my phone in previous itunes or in itunes beta before I update my phone?

    3. I get that I need to actually restore the phone to the new iOS? I want to make sure my backup will save my game saves (and also data from my ewallet program) and put them back on when I restore the backup to the phone. I ask cause I had some issues recently (I forget what I was doing, I think I was messing with the synch settings on itunes) that ended up erasing some of my books (mostly ones not bought off of iBooks but even some, all ones that were offered for free, bought off of ibooks) off of ibooks (and even telling itunes to synch the books it erased back on it would not) and when I tried to restore from backup it still didn't fix it (I forget what I did that fixed it but now I'm afraid to mess with that again).

    4. I have mobileme. Is this going to mess up my contacts/calandars? And does iOS 5 support mobileme (until I switch over to iCloud).

    Anyways, thanks for any input.
  2. Cougarcat macrumors 604

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    Beta 9 is the latest iTunes, but 7 works too. You have to restore to install the GM, so yes you will want to back up first. There are no risks as long as you're aware that you'll get no support from Apple or app developers till the 12th.

    Apple isn't killing mobile me till June, do I expect it works, but I'm not certain.
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    Jun 22, 2010
    What this guy said.
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    iOS5 GM supports MobileMe on my devices, so that shouldn't be an issue.
    Also, I've had no troubles with itunes 10.5 beta 7 either.

    Worst case you roll back. Note you won't be able to use an iOS5 backup to go back to iOS4. If it's important, research how to save a separate backup as I'm not sure enough to give any advice on that part.

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