rMBP: Great notebook, but Apple's Marketing Department dropped the ball!

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Zendokan, Jun 15, 2012.

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    Feb 17, 2011
    I’ve been looking at the new Retina MacBook Pro (shortend to “RMBP”) from several angles and mindsets (No, not schizo, but a Test Engineer) and I came to a stunning conclusion.

    The big distracter is the retina display since it gets all the focus because at this moment in time the MBAs and MBPs don’t have one.
    So I did two mind exercises:
    - in the first case, I “replaced” the retina display on the RMBP with a conventional screen
    - in the second case, I “gave” the MBAs and MBPs a retina display.
    Both cases were done to “streamline” the model set that Apple provides in its notebook gamma.

    If you now look at the technology used and the form factor and look at the pros and cons of that combination: more portable, less upgradeable and the loss of some “Professional” legacy parts (Yes, Pro’s are not a homogeny in their needs, but the ‘smallest common factor’ is still the rule in this community), than the RMBP places itself between the MBAs and the MBPs as the “Next-Generation Macbook”. Bold statement isn’t it ;-)
    Especially if you take into consideration that if Apple replaces the optical disk drive on the conventional MBPs with a SSD (256/512/768GB) as a standard and give the option to replace the HDD with a SSD, you would have a great “professional” notebook.
    The ODD is one of those legacy parts that can be completely replaced by the external Superdrive, probably an external Superdrive would be cheaper if you have also a MBA or the “Next Gen Macbook”.

    The Ethernet connector is still a legacy part that is used a lot in the professional sector: Banks, insurance Companies, other Financial Institutes and Headquarters of other Business sectors swear with Ethernet cabling. There’s still a believe/fear that sending such data over Wi-Fi can be a major security risk, so expect to find it still around for the next 5 years, after that we’ll see.
    The MBPs are indeed higher, but it’s only 0.25 inch and it makes a difference with heat dispersion when engaging in high performance tasks. So there’s room for an Ethernet port and fiddling on a daily basis with an Ethernet adapter gets boring very fast.

    Another thing to take into consideration is that SSDs/HDDs, RAM and battery have to be easily upgradeable by yourself or a technician at an affordable price because that are the only parts that will be replaced when upgrading to get some extra years out of your notebook or meet future industry standards. It are also the parts that are more prone to replacement by defect.

    So my honest opinion is that Apple made a great machine with the RMBP, but that their Marketing division dropped the ball by calling it the “Next Generation MacBook Pro”. Calling it the “New Macbook” and giving the MBAs a retina display and the MBPs a retina display and a standard SSD would have been much better.
    It would also have prevent all the hassle that we have now with the high-end professionals and users.
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    It's not that stunning.

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