Rogers Tells Employees, Resellers to Upgrade iTunes to 8.1 due to OS 3.0

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by CanadianMac2008, May 28, 2009.

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    Since non of the rumour sites seemed to want to post an article about this that I sent them, I decided to post here. has reported that Rogers in Canada is telling all employees and Resellers to immediately upgrade iTunes to 8.1 as OS 3.0 will drop soon.

    I thought this was pretty important as it suggests that the new OS could drop very soon, perhaps very shortly after WWDC. Apple has stated that they screwed up with OS 2.0, iPhone 3G and MobileMe launching at the same time last year. I think this year they may want to avoid that, so a launch soon of just the OS would make sense. Furthermore, perhaps the fewer and fewer changes in the beta builds of 3.0 is a sign that the software is very close to completion.

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    3.0 requires iTunes 8.2, what does iTunes 8.1 have to do with 3.0?
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    Only the most recent Betas (4 and 5) have required iTunes 8.2, however, I tend to agree that calling for an upgrade to iTunes 8.1 does not imply the release of 3.0.
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    Hmm... didn't realize this. Maybe it's a typo? Hmmm... Either way I'm betting 3.0 will be released shortly after WWDC. It sounds like it's mostly done and Apple doesn't want to repeat last year's mess up I'm sure.
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    The BETAS currently require 8.2 yes, but whether the OFFICIAL 3.0 will require 8.2 or not is yet to be seen. If it does, then Rogers will make their stores upgrade to 8.2. You have to remember, Beta 1, 2, and 3 of the 3.0 software did not require iTunes 8.2. Only beta 4 and 5 did.

    Also note that Rogers stores are not SYNCING your content for you, they are only activating the phone. That means, iTunes 8.1 will be okay well through OS 3.0 because Rogers Store use a special “Activation Module” of iTunes for their iPhone sales. However, if you want to SYNC content, then yes, you will need iTunes 8.2

    We are specifically talking about Rogers here, not the final user experience.

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    I'm 99.9% sure we won't see 3.0 until WWDC. So NO earlier than June 8th. That Friday, or the Friday after is the most likely. If not then, it won't be until the new iPhone ships (assuming there is one).

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