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    Game details*:

    Get the most exciting, frantic, varied and unique endless running, high scoring game available for iOS devices!

    "Rogue Runner Exemplifies Why App Store Gaming is Awesome" - TouchArcade

    ★ AppAdvice: "Best Game of Last 48 Hours"!
    ★ App Store: "New and Noteworthy"
    ★ App Store: "What We're Playing"
    ★ App Store: Featured Game Center game!

    "The overload of enemies, and the pace of the game make it superior to Canabalt and Monster Dash." -

    "a must-play platformer for any gamer." -

    "Rogue Runner is a fun and challenging game, whenever the mood strikes." - AppModo

    "The developer seems intent on making consistent updates, so keep an eye on Rogue Runner." -

    "Just like other survival running games Rogue Runner can become quite addictive. " - TouchGen

    "There's no mistaking this is a very fun and difficult survival running game." - Appolicious

    "An action-packed endless runner... tons of enemies and a fast pace keep every player moving forward" - GameZebo

    Rogue Runner is an action packed "endless run" game for iOS -- now with THREE distinct game modes!

    About the game:
    You are a highly trained, top secret "super soldier" -- the product of the best military training available, and a little alien technology thrown in for good measure.

    But now you want out! Break out of the secret desert base in a stolen jeep with rocket booster technology, or a jumping tank, and floor it.

    Get as far as you can before the hordes of men in black, aliens, UFOs, black helicopters, and tailgun-mounted jeeps take you down.

    But don't worry, even if they destroy your vehicle, you'll still have a chance to keep going. Leap out of the wreckage and press on!

    But the desert scene isn't all. You can also race a hearse out of a haunted house and through a haunted cemetery, tear away from gang members and cops on a motorcycle, or travel back to the 20s and break out of a mob warehouse, and MUCH more!

    We're adding new locations and vehicles constantly! With fantastic retro-style pixel art graphics, huge sound effects, multiple vehicle types, rockets, air and ground enemies, a vulnerable "last chance" mode...

    ...we've packed as much into a single game as we can, and we have huge plans to add more in the future!

    ★ We will be updating Rogue Runner constantly with new vehicles, powerups, locations and game modes! Get the game now and get all the upcoming content FREE!

    ★ Stay tuned for a special surprise update coming next! Plus new vehicles, powerups, enemies, and more!

    Rogue Runner is OpenFeint enabled.

    Please visit or follow @stromdotcom on Twitter for more info on this game!

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