Route now showing in workouts (Series 0, with phone)

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    Edit: title should read 'route NOT showing' - there doesn't seem to be an option to edit it.

    I went for a walk the other day and was pleasantly surprised that because I had my phone on me, the new app had mapped my route. However I've not been able to make this happen since! I've been on various walks/runs, without knowingly changing any settings, and it's stopped showing my route.

    Any ideas?
    See both attached files, with and without. Using a Series 0 with iPhone SE. I was controlling music on the watch so I know it was connected to my phone OK.

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    Quite sure that with the iPhone connected during a walk/run it will generate a route/map on the workout.

    Actually, during the betas in the summer we were able to see routes show up when we ran with just the watch (original) and no phone! Spent some time trying to figure it out but it was removed in later betas.

    Long thread on it here:

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