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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Dave00, Jun 20, 2004.

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    (Starting a new thread from a conversation that started in the New Displays discussion)

    Thanks for your response, Nick. Reflecting, I'm probably wrong on the non-top-end model speeds; now that I think of it, it was probably other commenters that stated the 2.0/2.2 low end speeds. However, it's impossible for one to check, because the original story was indeed removed from the site. (The URL for the original story seems to have been replaced with the URL for the new story.)

    I applaud Think Secret for coming pretty close with the most recent rumor on the new Powermacs. However, I do take issue with rumor sites changing or removing stories. It helps one decide what credence to give a new story, when you can look at the old stories. Take MacRumors, for instance. All the rumors, true and not true, are accessible in the order they were published. While changing a story may be done with the intention of "updating", it has the effect of making one seem like the soothsayers who make lots of predictions but only reference the ones that came true.

    One thing I find particularly interesting is how Apple's business model fosters the rumors trade. Rather than allow prices to fall as a particular release becomes cheaper to make, they favor stable prices (and subsequently, rising margins one would assume) followed by large price drops and/or new models. Subsequently, your best value is achieved right after a new release (and worst value right before.) This naturally encourages intense speculation on when new models will be released, and intense secrecy from Apple as to the same. That's why you don't see this kind of speculation about Windows machines; the age of the model/specs is already factored into the price.

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    I do find your comments about rumor sites to be quite true - that is why I joined MacRumors! I read ThinkSecret and AppleInsider (and read MacOSRumors when it was up), and I find the information there interesting. Apple does seem to be promoting the rumor sites by using the business model that they do - which is good for the rumor sites, but not so good for the customers that hate not knowing when Apple's going to release an update.

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