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I just came across this and couldn't find a previous thread on it so here it is.

They are having a poll on which rumor site is the best. Apparently this has been going on all year. Each month they announce a winner for the month and wipe the polls clean and start over. At the end of the year an overall winner will be announced. At this point it looks like will easily be the overall winner. I think that everyone click on over there though and vote a 10 for our favorite site and make it a landslide win.

Hooray for!! Best Mac rumor site on the net.


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Dec 29, 2001
well done arn, you bought this site up form nothing, Congrads on being number #1

Mr. Anderson

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Nov 1, 2001
Of course its the best!

This was posted before, but not recently, and its good to see that its still updated, woohoo!

But it is just a web voting page, so its not all that valid - especially since Crazy Apple Rumors is even holding a place on the chart, let alone going up one spot!


groundhog troll

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Apr 29, 2002
We all know that Spymac is the best of all the rumor sites, all of their rumors are spot on and have come true so far.