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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by question fear, Jan 29, 2009.

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    I've gotten back into running finally, after a 6-month recovery from knee surgery. To give myself more incentive, and to really drill down and get the most out of my runs, I am looking for a heart rate monitor/watch with a foot pod or GPS.

    My issue is that everything seems to be pc-only, with the exception of nike+. I don't own a nano, and I don't run with music, plus I'd have to get a separate HRM, so that's not really my ideal solution.

    Has anyone found any combo that has a mac-compatible software component, or will I be stuck begging my GF to let me install software on her HP if I find something I like?
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    Motion Based and Garmin make Mac compatible running gear, they may have what you're looking for.
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    I think i could never think of any thing better than a garmin. As far as i know, they don't have a watch that is not directly compatible with laptops. All the features you want is in Garmin watches.

    Now, the only thing you have to consider is the price, you may try the newest or the first generation. But, i think all you ahve to think about is the style since they all have the features that you want.

    Try some list of features here:
    there are feedbacks and rating from runners there.

    Hope you enjoy that :)

    You may click : garmin 405 if you you hate to copy paste that.

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