Running Your Business on Macs?


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Jul 23, 2002
I have a recording studio that I've always run with Macs so I don't have the windows perspective but, are all pc Makers this
sketchy when it comes to promoting new gear?
I have been wanting to upgrade since Jan but waited because I've been burned by buying old Technology before:(
I bought my Mac last july and thought I would do the same this year,but as of yet we really don't know when to buy:confused:
I realize that the new Macs may not be ready, but how does not informing customers work for Apple or Us? Knowing that the new macs are coming I could buy a newer used model. If I do that I won't be buying a new one this cycle. How does this help apple?
I have to think there are others in this same boat. I have Windows in my studio too but not for critcal stuff, so I can't go there either:eek: But 3 years for moto to go from500 mhz-to 1 ghz?
I've been using Macs for about 9 years and I'm not switching but why does Apple work this way?

King Cobra

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Mar 2, 2002
Assuming that there is a new PowerMac later this month, there won't be an immediate upgrade ot the G5. Besides, isn't this just supposed to be a conference on the new chip?

Sure, there will be a G5, but that should be only the preview. I think the G5 is aimed in the heart of MacWorld San Fransisco.

As for the slow progress, plain and simple, Motorola is basically a turtle with chip producing capability. IBM had to help them [Apple] with the Gigabit Ethernet PowerMacs, and now it's IBM to the rescue. Motorola can still work with producing the slower chips for the iMac, while it works under 1000MHz. But this turtle needs to get its shell kicked if it can't produce faster chips.
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